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If You Must Wear Black



As you may already know, I really enjoy incorporating color into my outfits.  All of the photos you see on the site generally have a pop of color somewhere. But I have a sister, an aunt, and a few friends that just typically shy away from color.  My aunt said she just sort of likes to blend in.  Yikes!!!  I want to scream, don’t you know that you are wonderfully and beautifully made.  My sister tries, but when she shows me her risky red bag that she purchased, I am a little disappointed to see that  it is more of a merlot color rather than a true red.

Whereas I would go with a candy apple red bag or bright green pumps, I realize that some people don’t like to stand out. And even though I will be encouraging you to wear pops of color here and there, I will say this – if you must wear black do it purposely.  Make sure it is an outfit that fits you properly and accentuates the part that you like best. Black doesn’t have to be used to hide, nor does it only need to be worn at funerals or somber events.  Black is chic, it is mysterious, it is sexy – that is if you let it be.

So, Just a reminder, if you must wear Black, wear it on purpose.


You are old enough to dress yourself

You are old enough to dress yourself.

kids at play.

kids at play.

A couple of years ago I met up with a really good friend at Southland Mall in Northern California.  She was focused on getting a nice pair of boots, and I was focused on getting anything I thought was fabulous (This is typically how I shop).  But this friend said something to me that was a very good articulation of how some of us go out to meet the world.  She said “I put on clothes today, but you got dressed.”  And I had.

I think many of us put on clothing simply to keep ourselves from being naked, but we don’t always take the care to dress ourselves.  That is, we don’t carefully select items that highlight things we like about ourselves; we don’t mix color, or patterns, and we don’t open the door to world with an outfit that says –BEHOLD! Here I Am.  Ok, Maybe BEHOLD is too strong a word here, but you get my point.

But consider this, I have seen my sisters and even my brother select clothes for their children, and they take special care considering what my nieces and nephews may like, and what will make them look nice at that special occasion at school, at church, or for a holiday gathering.  But I don’t think that  adults  take that much care in dressing themselves.  When we think about how happy children are when they begin to dress themselves, even when they purposely put on pieces of their Halloween costumes for everyday wear, they have a happiness and confidence about themselves that is hard to ignore.  So I challenge my readers to remember that you are old enough to dress yourself.  That is a wonderful thing.



10 Closet Must Haves

Ten Wardrobe Must Haves:Di1

There are a number of fashionable staples that every woman should have in her wardrobe.  This list I have compiled is not totally unique.  Most fashion magazines or books will offer some form of the list and some items overlap. The goal is to establish for yourself a few “go to” items that you know will work well. I will feature each of these items at some point in outfits that I showcase.

Here we go:

  1. Black pointy-toe pumps
  2. A good pair of jeans that make your butt look fabulous
  3. A nice crisp fitted button-down white shirt and a few crisp white sleeveless t-shirts.
  4. A pencil skirt (preferably more than one)
  5. An animal print item
  6. One status bag – Try Ebay.  You can always snag an authentic, pre-loved Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 for around $250.
  7. A nice little black dress/and little red dress (LBD)/(LRD)
  8. A vintage handbag. I like patent leather handbags – this may be my bias.  I have a red one that is really nice.  I also have a patterned cloth vintage bag
  9. A pair of sleek black slacks
  10. A pair of high heel boots – preferably pointy toe (definitely not chunky TLC circa 1993 boots)


  1. 11.  * A fabulous coat – sometimes the coat is the outfit – especially during Winter in NYC or Chicago
  2. 12.  Full-length mirror – This should be in or somewhere very near your closet.

Please let me know which of these items you’d like my to expand upon.  I will go through each one, but would like to get a vote from readers as to what they’d like to see styled first.

Ok.  Now go get your closet together.

SilynRose – Fashion for the ages


Model:Danelle Photo/Stylist:SilynRose

Hello Readers.

Welcome to the inaugural installment of my fashion blog – SilynRose, my fashion alias inspired by my mother Rosilyn who had a thing for shoes.  People who know me know that I am very much a lover of fashion and have wanted to start a blog, design clothing, and be totally immersed in the fashion world.  However, like most of us, I found myself putting off this off to do other things.

Well, having moved to New York City, recently turned 41 and had my annual reflection, my desire to write about fashion was  reignited.

Now,I know you might be thinking what does a 40+ year-old know about fashion.  Well, I have been around long enough to see the re-emergence of  fashion trends and hairstyles from the 1970’s and 1980’s; I think that says something.

I want to focus on what the ordinary woman needs to do to make her feel good about herself.   And the truth of the matter is, when we look good, we feel good!  Speaking from experience, there are items of clothing that make me feel as though heaven has opened up and shined a light on me.  I love that feeling.

So, how will this blog provide fashion insight that will help readers experience their own heavenly moments?

Great question.

I have 6 categories:

1. Weekly Fashion File – This category includes a weekly article about some fashion topic.  I have a few lined up, but will also take suggestions from the Rose Bouquet (my blog followers).

2. Caught being fabulous – This category will feature pictures of random fashionistas who I believe got it right.  I will offer some commentary on why I think the outfit or look works for the particular person.

3. Decades of Difference – This category I have conceptualized to compare how I would wear a particular item of clothing or a particular trend with a person in their 20’s or 30’s – hence the title.

4. Keep it in the closet – This category includes items that you should simply have in you closet.  I plan to begin by listing my ten must haves and explaining each.  Then venturing to include other items as I come across them.

5. The Daily Fit – in this category, I will just show my daily outfits and share my commentary on how and why I styled the items as I have.

6. I will also continue to style and photograph models.  I enjoy styling and photography and will at some point offer those services to my readers.

Thanks for reading and be beautiful!