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Spring Cling


I read today in a Bib & Tuck email that the average woman owns 120 articles of clothing and only wears 20%. I have heard something similar to this before. And as I have been thinking about cleaning out my closet and reorganizing this little statistic should have ideally given me a bit of a nudge. But so much of what I have in my closet – the bold bright colors, the crazy print, the vintage Chanelesque skirt suit – I really like. Some of it I haven’t worn in the “6mos to 1 year” time span that we are supposed to use to clean out our closets, but does that really mean I should get rid of it? I don’t know.
I did watch another blogger’s closet cleaning method, and what she does to help is to put items on lend to her sisters, cousins, friends. I thought what a great idea – so unbeknownst to my sister, she will be getting the blue and brown leather colorblock Haley Coach bag in the mail any day now. Sure, that is only one item, but hey as they say, the journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step.

More on the Spring Cling or Clean later.

Casualties of the purse swap

20140414_081943My sister told me that she doesn’t switch purses often because too much stuff gets left behind. How very true. You may think that you don’t need those one or two things you’ve left behind, but when there is a pattern of leaving behind one or two things, it quickly becomes a problem.

One day last week I went fishing for my Altoids in my bag – then it dawned on my that I had switched purses. When I got home and checked the old purse, there in the side pocket were the Altoids. Among the other casualties were lose receipts, change, and a nail file. I decided to look through other purses that I had switched out the last month or so. In my black Rebecca Minkoff purse, my Dr. Scholl’s Blister defense, tissue, more receipts (apparently I have a real problems shopping) two quarters, and feminine products. In my brown leather purse, two packets of Chicklets, mints, a role of receipts, a nail clipper, and a red and yellow jaw breaker. I checked one more purse – my lime green Elliott Lucca purse – found tissue and a receipt from Crossroads trading Co from July 12, 2012.

Hmmm. Some of you may be thinking, I don’t even have that many purses. Others, are thinking “what’s with the receipts”

But the bigger concern is how do I keep from leaving stuff. One way is to use little pouches. I have a Coach wristlet that I use as a pouch for my lip balm, lip pencil, gloss and liner. That doesn’t get left behind in a swap. I could easily get a small pouch for my nail file and clippers or add them to the Coach one. I could definitely benefit from a coin purse and a small bag for my feminine items.
Ideally keeping small stuff from being loose is the answer. And maybe for me, opting for the emailed receipts that most stores offer. Just some thoughts on a common problem.

In Response to Karyn Washington

Karyn Washington - Rest in Peace Black Beauty!
This blog post space is suppose to allow readers to post pictures or ask questions about fashion. But I wanted to share some thoughts that get to the heart of how we see ourselves. Our clothing is only an attempt to accentuate our external beauty and help our inner beauty radiate all the more. Unfortunately we live in a society where beauty is constructed by the same ideology and forms of oppression that make many people of color question their intellect, or their beauty, and all too often their worth.

In response to 22-years-young Karyn Washington, she struggled to refute many of the social constructions of beauty that aim to silence, stifle and dehumanize women who don’t meet the mainstream perceptions of beauty. This young lady, as cute as she wants to be, had so many emotional and psychological struggles tearing away at her that she ultimately took her own life. I can understand her depression after having lost her mother, but the additional stress of being a darker skin Black woman is not understandable – and rather infuriating. The fact that music (particularly rappers) and magazines, and television continue to impart psychological violence upon us that in many ways leads to the physical violence that we impose upon our own bodies is beyond problematic. I appreciate artists like India Arie who have attempted to reframe those negative messages that girls receive.

We must continue to resist the superficial constructions of beauty and celebrate who we are in all of our wonderful shades. Rest in peace Karyn.

I am not breaking my New Year’s resolution – I promise

Spring is here!!

Spring is here!!

You all know that starting this blog was my 2014 New Year’s resolution. And actually around April is when hundreds of thousands of well thought out resolutions fall by the wayside.
As I drove back to New York from Philadelphia in the pouring rain, I realize I haven’t written a blog entry in a month. I suppose if my readers were really looking forward to my advice on putting their daily outfits together they’d be sitting somewhere in their underwear.
Well, I haven’t quite built up a dependency on my blog messages, but that doesn’t mean that I am not always thinking.

I do know I have neglected my readers and my blog. It won’t happen again.

Believe it or not, I think about fashion quite often. In fact I had planned to post a picture of one of my co-workers who last Friday wore a wonderful figure flattering black and white hound’s-tooth print dress accented with a very nice mauve colored belt. We never got around to taking the picture. And there are loads of women who I see daily dressed nicely, but I am often driving and unable to approach them.
Anyhow it is spring now. The weather has not yet given way… it is rainy and cold out on some days. But, I do have a few things to share. As always spring is a time to pull out bold vibrant colors, florals, and even pastels. It is an excuse to use color, especially if you never do.

Those beauties you see above – snake skin embossed leather gold Ralph Lauren pumps, and the neon pink Nine West pumps – are just waiting to see the sun. And this leather floral bag from India is a great piece of arm candy.

Since the sun is temperamental, it may be a time for us to take a stand (in our pumps of course) and force everyone to recognize the season change. Friday, I dusted off my fuchsia Guess sling backs and wore them to work with a pink dress with a lace overlay. Sure it was supposed to rain, so I packed my Michael Kors boots. But, I refuse to succumb to the rain. After all it is spring, and I have a New Year’s resolution to keep. 🙂 Happy dressing everyone.