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If I must shop…

Coach bag anyone?

Coach bag anyone?

One of my friends who is married told me that she wouldn’t go shopping for purses with me because this isn’t a purse year for her. I was baffled. A purse year? Whatever could she mean?

My sister has told me that she has had to discuss with her husband or even ask to buy a new purse, especially when the family’s financial focus was on other more substantive things. There have also been times when while perusing Ebay I’d come across a bag for sell, and in the description a woman would provide details about the dimensions and the details of the bag then write something along the lines of “I hate to part with these, but my husband said I couldn’t have a new bag until I sold at least two.” I have seen this most during Christmastime. Apparently when you are married you sometimes have to ration your purse dollars, sacrifice, or make a compelling case for the purchase of a new bag.

Well, as I prepare myself to meet that special man that I will marry, I guess I have to consider how my shopping habits may need to change. I had never considered that my purse purchases could be complete – after all there is always a new fabulous it bag or a unique vintage bag. And, why sell two fabulous ones just to get one more? If you keep the fabulous bags and buy one more, you’ll have 3 and isn’t that better?

But, I understand. I have my eye on a black Versace bag that I saw on Ebay. So, here is my opportunity to be wife-like, control my impulses, and maturely manage money. I am going to sell 4 bags – one large Coach Color – logo tote, one Kate Spade flowered canvas bag, One large Pre-owned Louis Vuitton Bellvue PM and one pre-owned Black Rebecca Minkoff handbag. Since I must shop, I am letting go of these…let me know if you are interested – after all it is for a good cause (my new bag – who’s with me?!!).

Marcia – Caught Being Fabulous

Marcia - pronounced Mar-cee-ah  - CAUGHT!

Marcia – pronounced Mar-cee-ah – CAUGHT!

In a simple pair of jeans rolled up at the ankle to show of open-toe strappy wedges, Marcia makes a statement. And the shoes fit. If you recall from the post toe-tal neglect, you know my dismay when I see the heel hang or the cement scrape.
I love Marcia’s natural hair and berry lipstick!

What makes this work so well? We all know that one of the things that makes an outfit work is the confident with which we wear it. The shirt – I Am One Dope Chick – is fabulous. As soon as I saw her I said I have to take her picture to share with you all.

Do you know your body?

Some of our bodies may be feeling this way.

Some of our bodies may be feeling this way.

Recently I went out shopping with a friend to help her find an outfit for a clam bake. A clam bake is an event that is more dressy than a barbecue but less dressy than a garden party. We needed to find something that said casual, but stylishly put together. Since I had been charged with finding the outfit, I went out the day before in hopes of surprising my friend with the perfect clam bake attire. I sent her image after image of beautiful dresses -orange and white, turquois, silk, light cotton. But her responses via text message, “Those dresses don’t look good on my body,” “Both would make me look like a box,” and the last text, “I have a box waist, hips and a butt. And a stomach. I need things that would make it appear that I have a waist or I need to hide it. Dresses that cinch show my stomach.”
What could I say? This lady really knows her body. So many of the things I had conceptualized that would look good, she had such a clear understanding of her shape, that she easily shot things down. I remember in the show What Not to Wear, Stacy and Clinton would often tell people to try things on. Yes, there is certainly something to trying things on, but there is also something about having absolute clarity about your body type, and about brands that flatter your lines, your butt, and fits you.
When my friend and I did finally meet in person to find an outfit, we began by going to Macy’s which has several designers to choose from. We tried long skirts, tunics with capri pants and lots of stuff in between – everything was a NO. We went to Ann Taylor (her go-to store), and my friend tried on a grey and white pinstriped dress that had a wide-strap accent above the waist. It was very nuance difference from the dresses that cinch at the waist, and we tried to figure out why the Ann Taylor dress worked so well. There were several reasons. The fabric was heavier and structured, the dress had a curve in side seam rather than a straight seam, and it zipped – the zipper pulled her in much better than dresses with no such closures. The dress works for the clam bake occasion because even though it was a heavier material, the light print of the dress and the fact that it was sleeveless made it appropriate for a spring event. (I wish she would have allowed me to take a picture – but she didn’t want to be featured).
There are many people who have a stomach and a butt, like Fifty looking to be Fabulous who emailed weeks ago, and it is important to know what looks good. For most of you that will include A-lined skirts, most princess cut dresses and structured shirt dresses. Empire cut dresses, however, are often not flattering on such a body type. Get to know your body and make a note of what looks best – what brand is it, what is the cut? Doing this will help you take charge of your look.