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Thank goodness for clean underwear

Thank goodness for clean underwear

I think we have all seen the iconic photo of Marilyn Monroe over the subway grating with the wind blowing up her dress. Well, this week I wore an above the knee summer dress to work. A breeze kicked up, but thanks to a structured hem, the dress didn’t blow up. But if it had it wouldn’t have been pretty.
Have you ever taken an assessment of your intimate apparel drawer and found it full of dingy, stretched out, loose threaded, and even hole-filled underwear? And you wonder exactly when it happened. Well I did recently and realized that no one can be fashionable (well certainly not comfortable) if they are hiding a dirty, dingy, hole-ly, or stretched little secret. Nor should you live in fear of a strong breeze.
After my sifting through my pathetic underwear drawer, I did what any sensible woman would do, I headed to Marshall’s and Target and did an apparel haul. Some sensible cottons, various colors, invisible panty-lines…and Marshall’s actually had a lacy brand that was called Marilyn Monroe. It was fate.
Summer is a time for flowy dresses and skirts, as well as short skirts, light weight pants, and light colored pants – so your intimates must be on point.
This is just a little nudge to you readers who may be literally sitting with your panties in a bunch (that is because they have stretched out of place). It may be time to take inventory of what you have and hit your nearest Target, Marshall’s or Victoria’s Secrets.