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The bigger the better? oversized coat – Repost

I saw an article in one of the magazines with Rihanna wearing an oversized coat. The author had contrasted Rihanna with a person who had apparently worn a oversized coat in a very sloppy way. Oversized is tricky – from oversized coats to oversize bags – they can definitely overwhelm if not done correctly. The trick is to make sure that everyone knows you have put together an outfit rather than think you have put on your mother’s coat because you didn’t have on that fit.
In this picture I have an oversized Tracy Reese linen coat with turquoise print. Unlike Ri-Ri, I wore it with structured smaller bags. I made sure to keep everything underneath it sleek – a white tee-shirt, grungy jeans rolled up to show my shoes. (I actually don’t know it I would keep with the white tee, because it is so white that it makes the cream in the coat appear dingy)
I gave you two options here for shoes and bags. I like red – so, I paired it with a structure red patent leather vintage bag, and red Guess pointy to pumps – You all should have a pair of red pumps. If you don’t already, go find some.
I also tried it with a pair of suede pumps and this cute turquoise bag.
I generally don’t go with the matchy-matchy outfits, but the turquoise sort of grew on me the more I looked at the pics.
Which do you prefer?

Oversized coat with red accessories

Oversized coat with red accessories

Oversized coat with turquoise accessories

Oversized coat with turquoise accessories

a bit of advice

Wow! That cape is beautiful and the red gloves elevates the look! What about people who are a little shorter? I am 5’2. Any advice on how to choose the right cape?

Thanks for the question. I would say if you are short, 5’2″, wear a shorter cape like the cream one. Wear it with jeans and ankle boots or pumps. If you wear it with high boots it may make you look even shorter. I also think you should use a larger handbag with the pumps or ankle boots. Give it a try and let me know how it works out.

Caped Crusader

The cream cape outfitThe Cream outfit on me ;)cream cape side viewCheckered cape and SilynroseCheckered cape2DSCN0895navy mode shift dress
Fall brings with it coats, boots, gloves, capes and hats. Unlike winter when you care less about being fashionable than being warm, fall is a time when you can play around with these items. Capes are classic. I remember vividly my mother wearing a black cape and doing “The Bird” – Morris Day and the Time circa 1984. I thought she looked so chic in that cape, so it is not a surprise that I own 3 of them, whereas I am sure some of my readers have none and never even considered buying one. Challenge yourself — they are timeless.
In the picture am wearing a wool cream-colored cape, vintage of course, with great cream and gold buttons. I paired this with dark wash skinny jeans, metallic over-the-knee boots and a “fancy” Salvatore Ferragamo handbag that was a steal at Crossroads Trading Company in Oakland a few years back. I wore it with skinny jeans because the cape is short and it flares a bit so I thought the skinny jeans would be a great contrast.

The second outfit pictured is really fun. This cape is knit with a great checked pattern. It is longer so I decided to pair it with a retro mod dress and shorter boots so that a little leg would show. I am using the hat, which is 70ish. So I have a few decades working together in this outfit. I also have a great pair of Saks Fifth Avenue red leather gloves that fit me like…well a glove 🙂
Try something bold this fall. Try a cape – look for them at thrift stores or go on ebay. They are really great with jeans – and boots or even with pointy toe heels. You will be glad you did. I gave you lots of pics this time, so let me know what you think. I actually did a vlog for this…I will let you know when I figure out how to upload it. Hope you enjoyed the post.

Shift your attitude

Summer is coming to an end for those of us on the east coast, but for my followers in the California, I say enjoy the warm weather as long as you can. I started this draft a few weeks ago after I wore this wonderful shift dress with texture flowers on the front. I didn’t include shift dresses in my list of closet must haves, but I do think every woman should have one. They are a great way of showing off your legs while masking other things. They can be dressed up by belting them at the waist and wearing heels.

I wore this dress in a casual way with low sandals, a pink BCBG large shoulder bag and pink Kate Spade sunglasses to pull everything together. It is a simple look, but surprisingly I felt really good in it. I made sure to wear lots of dresses and skirts, bright colors, and short sleeves this summer. I truly did enjoy the summer.
I have a few shift dresses that will emerge in the fall, but most likely with shirts and leggings under them. I will certainly keep you posted. 🙂