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Monthly Archives February 2015

A Wink to the 70’s

My authentic 1970s A-lined suede coat.

My authentic 1970s A-lined suede coat.

Gucci Summer 2015 wonderful suede coat.

Gucci Summer 2015 wonderful suede coat.

This spring you will likely see a reemergence of the 70s – suede, fringe, platforms. Among my favorite 70s modernize style come from the Gucci house. I saw this ad in Harper’s Bazaar and immediately remembered my brown suede A-line coat. It seems to fit right into this spring’s suede 70s inspired looks. Here I have it pair a mod-style dress and some red mulberry pumps. It is a great way to show off the legs.
yellow mod mini dress

yellow mod mini dress

In my mother's brown leather coat and a Dr. Pepper tee-shirt.

In my mother’s brown leather coat and a Dr. Pepper tee-shirt.

Also, you will see the reemergence of culottes and wider legs. If you haven’t already, you may want to peruse your nearest second-hand store to see what is out there before you head to the department stores.

Even though I haven’t seen the old school leather coats, outside of the motorcycle jackets, I feel I can just as easily bring back my mothers 1970’s hooded leather coat. I remember vividly her wearing it with boots and blue jeans. Here, I have it paired with 7 for All Mankind flare legged jeans and a “What’s Happening” – Rerun inspired hat. If you loved the 70s here is a chance to re-live them.

They say that styles always repeat. I wonder if disco music may also make a return…

Too Cold to be cute! – fashion week 2015

DSCN1530My mother used to always say “cuteness is gonna kill you.” When I was in the 8th grade she actually pointed out the hypocrisy of me wearing shorts while playing outside and coming back inside to get a coat. She instead forced me to change into pants. Because according to her, if I were cold, I shouldn’t be wearing shorts.

Well, I use that introduction to discuss my attempt to be part of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015. When I went out on Monday, February 16th, it was 19 degrees with a negative 10 degree wind chill factor in New York. Knowing this and understanding the advisory to stay indoors if possible, I bundled up because I was going to Lincoln Center where fashion week was being held. I put on two pair of Cache leggings and a pair of jeans, 3 pairs of socks, a sweater dress, a cotton dress, a jacket and a yellow vintage coat. I belted the coat. But with all of the layers, I looked like a belted watermelon. Not the most fashionable look, but I was warm.

Once I arrived, I asked a woman to take a picture of me in front of the building. I noticed that outside were other bloggers who, like myself, weren’t invited to attend the actual fashion show inside and photographers who for one reason or another had no press/photo credentials. So they we were out in the cold taking photos of ourselves and watching as wonderfully dressed fashionistas (who surely were not wearing 3 layers) went into the building.

DSCN1538I thought to myself, I have much more fashionable outfits, but I could not dress in them without layering to the point of destroying the outfits. Now in the photo to your left you will notice as fellow fashion blogger in a red vintage 1980s leather dress with metallic buttons and shoulder pads. I took her picture all the while wondering why she had no coat on.
I say all this to say, that though I was hopeful that I would be part of fashion week, it was too cold. Next year I will aim to get an invitation inside the building. Geez!!!

New York Fashion Week 2015

Thursday, February 12th begins Fashion Week in New York City. For the next week there will be a host of fabulous fashion shows and high end events – none of which I have been invited to attend. However, I hear that there is quite a bit going on as fans of fashion hang out outside of Lincoln Center. According to Fern Mallis, creator of New York Fashion Week, this will be the last year that Fashion Week will be held at Lincoln City, so I feel impelled to hop on the subway after work to check out the scene. I am going to brave the cold and hopefully come a way with some great shots about Fashion Week. Stay tuned.

Fun fact – The average fashion show lasts only 12 minutes though designers take many months to prepare their collections.