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Avoiding trends by defining your style

While I was in flight to California from NYC, I perused another fashion blog – Who What Wear. There was a posting about how to dress like a fashion blogger without the expensive price tag. Anyone who knows me knows that the issue is rarely the expensive price tag. I actually have a gift of finding high end duds for far less than the cost.

But I did concur with the gist of the post. For me it is not so much wanting to dress like bloggers, it is the fact that when I get the new magazine for the month (Bazaar, W, Glamour, and People Stylewatch) the fashions make me want to shop. The models so wonderfully styled in the latest fashions makes me want to recreate the look. There are magazines that do a good job of showing us how to get the look for less, but overall, I find it is problematic to chase style trends of bloggers or magazine models because 1) they are fleeting and 2) because they sometimes mess with your own style sense.

By the age of 43, I have become very well aware of what my style is – It is vintage chic with a modern twist. I like wearing pieces that are unique. This is why I opt for Ebay and thrift store shopping rather than mall or department stores. I tend to be underwhelmed by row after row of the same clothing item in different sizes.

Fashion trends, however, can get overwhelming and they are non-stop. So my advice is not so much about how to dress the trend but how to secure a style that is right for you.

To do so, think about the following questions:

1) Are the clothes you choose for yourself flattering to your shape? Be sure you haven’t developed a fashion sense that simply allows you to hide. Make sure the focus of your clothes is to accentuate the things you love about your shape – not to totally hide in hopes of disappearing.

2) Are the clothes that make up your style age-appropriate? Be sure that you are not trying to capture decades past by dressing too young. Also, in response to the post I saw, most fashion bloggers are in their 20s and 30s so I would certainly be remiss if I tried too hard to keep up with them.

3) Does your style make you feel good about who you are? Do you feel pretty when you’ve dressed yourself? This may be the most important thing to consider.

If the answer to any of these questions is no, you certainly need to rethink your personal style.
Drop me a line and we can talk.

Tweed Again!

W August photos.  Tweed at its best

W August photos. Tweed at its best

It has been a 6 months hiatus. I can’t really explain why. I had so looked forward to the change in seasons after braving the brutal winter in NYC. But somehow, my enthusiasm for the sun and spaghetti strap tops didn’t translate into blog postings. During this time away, I have, of course, shopped, wore wonderful outfits, and acknowledged other fabulously dressed women. But I handed out no “caught being fabulous” cards nor have I done any photography.
Two things seem to have awaken me from my fashion writer’s slumber 1) the possibility of styling my sister for a summer VIP event and 2) the arrival of the fall fashion magazines.

Tweed spread in Glamour September 2014

Tweed spread in Glamour September 2014

Though I excitedly wrote about the wink to the 70’s that fall would bring, as evidenced by the fashion shows in January and February, I am even more excited by the re-emergence of tweed in fall fashion. Tweed, like pointy-toe shoes, never truly goes out of style. W magazine and Glamour have wonderful spreads of beautiful Black women in tweed coats, pant suits and dresses. I love them all. I especially love the fact that the women in the August W magazines have natural afros. Simply beautiful.

Why Tweed works: tweed is very polished looking and it is a neutral. It generally has very clean lines, which makes it look quite professional. Tweed is also a heavier fabric so it is great for camouflaging . In contrast to the lightweight fabrics that show everything, the heavier structure of tweed is very forgiving.

Although we have another month of summer, here on the east coast, the weather will give way to cooler days soon enough. And I am happy to say that I am ready. When I thumbed through the pages of the various fall magazines, I realized that I have amassed a few lovely vintage tweed pieces myself. Below is a peek.

My vintage tweed skirt set.  I tied a print scarf and made a bow.  Burgundy Lanvin heels and a fur handbag ;-)

My vintage tweed skirt set. I tied a print scarf and made a bow. Burgundy Lanvin heels and a fur handbag 😉

vitage skirt and cape side
This vintage tweed skirt with a cape with yellow leather Ralph Lauren pumps.

This vintage tweed skirt with a cape with yellow leather Ralph Lauren pumps.

If your closet is lacking in the tweed area, it would be a great investment. I advised finding a vintage blazer or skirt set – Check ebay or your local thrift store.