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Travel Comfortably or Arrive in Style?

This holiday season as many of us head to visit loved ones on planes, trains, or in automobiles,we have to decide about our traveling duds. I recently traveled from New York to California and as always I found myself surprised by the women who are so chic and dolled up from head to toe. I mean, considering the line to go through security took about 45 minutes, I couldn’t imagine standing in 4 inch stilettos. But some women do it and make it seem easy.image
I was in line at JFK wearing some black ballet flats, jeans, and a heavy coat struggling to drag my bag, especially since we were being herded like cattle zig-zagging through the maze at two inches every 5 minutes. But in the maze, I kept noticing women, one in particular in black and white coat, heels, and black fitted pants. She looked effortlessly put together. She wore jewlery even though she’d be forced to strip down before going through the detectors. Not quite sure how she managed.
But as I thought more about whether or not to travel comfortably or arrive dressed to the nines, I began to think more about who is at the airport. I don’t know those people. Who cares if they see me in tennis shoes and sweats? Now, unlike celebrities whose photos could end up in a tabloid with captions about them looking horrible as evidence of a shoddy relationship, or a drinking problem, I don’t have that issue. So, until silynrose fashionblogger and photographer becomes a public figure…uh I think I will travel in comfort.
I opted to keep it simple. I packed my high heel boots and when we touched down in Oakland, I went to the bathroom and changed into them, threw on some lipstick and my shades. What was interesting is that I wasn’t alone. There were hordes of women applying mascara and foundation, contouring, tightening ponytails etc. They clearly were more concerned about who was going to pick them up – that is, the people they know and love. For them, the arrival is what mattered. I know it isn’t a zero-sum game, and who knows, when I am famous for fashionblogging and styling, I may revisit this post and have a totally different opinion.

Extreme Booting

Fall has been here for a month and a half, but since New York imagehas been having one of its mildest Novembers on record, there hasn’t been much of a chance to wear boots. In preparation for the fall, though, magazines have featured the season’s newest boots. What is interesting about boots is they don’t change much. They go from curve toe, to pointy, over the thigh to below the knee and everywhere in between. I have a pair of leather boots from the 1970’s that work just fine in 2015 and there is a pair of pointy toe boots that I purchased in 2003 that are still fabulous. But, every once in a while there is an extreme boot – a far out color or design. These faux fur boots to the left are a pair of my favorites…My cousin, however, commented I look like I have two cats wrapped around my ankles. YIKES SMH.

The question is how do you incorporate an extreme boot into your daily look.
The key is to make the boot the statement piece.

These multi-tiered Manolo Degenerada boots do a lot by themselves, and I didn’t want to match any of the colors is in the boots in the outfit. So instead, I went with white jeans and a white button down shirt. Why all white you ask…Well all white is chic. And disregard the white after Labor Day rule. When you are able to pull off all white in the fall, you’re making a statement. I didn’t want to do anything to dark because I thought the boots would get lost. This way they are focal.

Manolo Blahnik Degenerada Boots

Manolo Blahnik Degenerada Boots

These are the “cat wrap boots” my cousin teased me about. The last time I wore these with a brown skirt, but here I have them paired with a peach colored DKNY pleated skirt and very sleek satiny blouse. The brown belt brings the boots in nicely.IMG_1812

Club Monaco Blazer, Marc Jacobs boots and vintage Woody Woodpecker t-shirt

Club Monaco Blazer, Marc Jacobs boots and vintage Woody Woodpecker t-shirt

These last boots only fall into the extreme category because of the color. They are light sage green. I saw them years ago at a store in Vallejo,California and fell for the unique color. The inside is a cool blue color, but they aren’t soft enough to fold over so no one gets to see but me. Surprisingly enough, I had this Woody Woodpecker shirt – purchased at a different time. When I wear the boots, I make everything else casual and fun. The black Club Monaco blazer makes the outfit a little less casual – you could actually feel comfortable going out to happy hour in this.
I know we only have a few more weeks to sport boots with no inhibitions here on the east coast…sadly in a month or so, we will probably be wearing UGGs everyday . So, I implore you to go all out—go extreme booting 😉

Revlon, Three Day Rule and SilynRose

image What a great Friday night! I arrived at the Revlon Night of Beauty event held at Hudson Terrace at around 7:00pm. It was already packed. The scene was reminiscent of the shopping scene in the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic with the ladies vying for a chance at a Zeel massage, or squeezing through the crowd to get to the wares being sold by vendors like Brooklyn Charm. The line for the photo booth extended back to the women’s restroom, but was well worth the wait. See my instagram photo and tweet #DateNightLook.
As promised, champagne was flowing and people were having a great time.

I was able to catch a few transformations as Revlon make-up artists worked their magic on guests who had dared to take the chair. Women walked away all glammed up and ready to dance the night away at the mixer that followed.

Besides the event being high energy, it provided a great opportunity to connect and network with other ladies in the beauty, fashion, entertainment industry. I got a chance to rub elbows with @amandafinesse – fashion consultant. I also met up with vendor and stylist Michelle from Yumi Kim.
Thanks to @Revlon and @Three Day Rule!

Two Unrelated Musings – SJP Jordache and #Balmainnation

There are two things that I want to write about for the first November installment. I know these are not helpful fashion tips, but I still wanted to share. The first of these issues I have been bothered by since my October issue of Bazaar, which I received in the mail late in September; the second issue is just a random “fashion” collaboration that I am not sure if my readers know about.

Jordache ad featured in Harper's Bazaar

Jordache ad featured in Harper’s Bazaar

1) Sarah Jessica Parker is now representing Jordache jeans and I must say I am not feeling it at all. I am a huge SJP fan because of Carrie Bradshaw. I liked the story between Carrie and Big and I was a huge fan of the fashion. But my feeling about Sarah Jessica Parker as the face of Jordache is very similar to how I felt about Sex and the City II. It just doesn’t work. Whatever Jordache is trying to do, however it is trying to rebrand itself, it seems strange to me that it would select a middle-aged woman (not that there is anything wrong with being middle aged – as I am also) to be the face. In addition, the photo that was selected for the ad in the October issue of Bazaar is simply not flattering.
Let me know your thoughts

2) The idea of collaborations between big name designers and mainstream retailers is not new. One of the most famous of these collaborations was Halston when the famous designer paired with J.C. Penny’s in the 1970’s to bring about Halston III. It was supposed to be an opportunity to give the everyday woman a chance of owning luxury. It was heavily critiqued and it was argued that that particular collaboration damaged the image of Halston and cheapened the brand. But if you know anything about the Balmain and H&M collaboration and the clothing which sold out shortly after being put in stores and online, you may have a different thought about what these collaborations mean to the trend-seeking consumer or the opportunist looking to make a quick buck. Items were snapped up so quickly that those who blinked – literally missed them. Now many of the items are being sold at exorbitant prices on EBay. I told a friend who hadn’t heard about it and he googled it. The news reports have called the buy-out frenzy “uncivilized”, “chaos” and “pandemonium”. I am certain that most of my readers had no idea about the collaboration or the quick sell out.

Balmain is not a brand that we hear of often because it is so high end and expensive not many people know of and certainly not one most can afford.
Well, you know now. And even though the collaboration with H&M brought the brand within reach of the mainstream public for a few hundred dollars, if you are reading this (posted on November 9th) you already missed it. Trust me. A friend and I went to H&M in Philly and were quickly told “Oh. Yeah. All of that is gone already.” But hey do a quick google search of the items advertised using top models like @Kendall Jenner and let me know what you think.
#Balmainnation #SarahJessicaParkerJordache