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Fashion Resolution 2016

By the third week of January people have both made and broken New Year’s resolutions. Knowing this, I set a simple one – to be better at the end of 2016 than I was at the beginning, and I would like to wear lipstick more often.  But, how does one make a fashion resolution? I think it has to do with you paying attention to the things you have done out of the ordinary that you have felt good about.  I chose wearing lipstick more often because I actually like how I look and feel when I have on lipstick. So, what have you done unexpectedly or by accident that you think – hey this  may work.  Perhaps it was wearing a super high stiletto that made you feel 10 feet tall and walk with a renewed sense of purpose.  Or, maybe it was wearing a strapless dress and realizing you have nice shoulders and a beautiful décolleté. I didn’t want to write about losing weight, which so many women resolve to do.  Instead think about wanting to show your legs more – knowing you want to do this, you may tone them up some. But, losing weight should not consume your fashion resolution.

Coco Chanel once quipped, “I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little–if only out of politeness.”  Well, I actually get the feeling she was dead serious. But it leads me to also suggest that for some of us, we know we have been neglecting ourselves and we should commit to just ‘fixing ourselves up a little.”  For most of us, that is resolution enough. I would love to hear your fashion resolutions.