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Macy’s Front Row – West Coast Style

The original announcement of Macy’s presents Fashion’s Front Row by Business Wire indicated that Macy’s in New York would feature fall fashion collections by great designers and entertainment by Ariana Grande and Flo Rida. While this event kicked off on September 7th in New York City, the west coast (i.e. the San Francisco Bay Area) had a show of its own on September 16th at the Macy’s in Union Square. Macy’s Fashion’s Front Row event was hosted by Kelly Osbourne (who we know from Fashion Police among other things) and featured the fashion stylings of Jake and Blake of Project Runway fame.

After waiting anxiously, fashion fanatics, myself included, were ushered into the seating area on the third level of Macy’s in Union Square. There were three rows of seats on either side of the stage and standing room only for patrons unable to grab a seat. But the view of the runway was unobstructed for all – which was a huge plus. I was lucky enough to snag one of the seats on the third row, but found myself standing often to get a glimpse the the fashionable fits models donned on the catwalk. My favorite outfits are below.

Prints, fringe, fall hues, and eye favorite looks from the show.

Prints, fringe, fall hues, and eye candy…my favorite looks from the show.

Often we think about adult clothing but the show included an adorable reminder that fashionistas start young. Thanks to Hello Kitty, the crowd was able to experience collection of kids wear donned by some of the most adorable models you’ve ever seen.favorite-looks

macys-fashions-front-row-sf While I didn’t have the opportunity to get a picture with our hostess Kelly Osbourne, I was lucky enough to pose with some of the featured models – Sasha – the beauty originally from Jamaica, Josh – the cutie by whom I was totally smitten, and, of course…Hello Kitty. Great event! -Welcome to the Bay Area silynrose.

Models Sasha, Josh, and Hello Kitty with silyrose

Models Sasha, Josh, and Hello Kitty with silyrose

A model citizen

Styled by SilynRose Location: Oakland, CA

Model: Dontashia B
Styled by SilynRose
Location: Oakland, CA

In this age of political madness, let me start by clarifying.  No, you do not have to be a model to be a citizen. That was just my catchy way to introduce the featured model sidebar on my blog.  This blog, as you know, has been a way for me to discuss my love for fashion, my skills as a stylist, and my goal of giving helpful, and sometimes humorous advice to those of us who get dressed every day.  But, I also have a great love for photography.  Working with aspiring models often gives me a chance to combine all of my loves, and it helps them to build their portfolios.  Since I generally style models in three or four outfits during a shoot, I thought it would be great to feature the models and the outfits.  This month’s featured model is Dontashia B.  She is an Oakland native who has aspirations of modeling.  We met on a model networking website.  She was great to work with and I loved styling her.

This outfit featured here was all about color and texture. The texture of the pink shirt added depth and it was contrasted by a flowy printed skirt. I brought in the purple bag, a big purple bauble necklace and the purple earrings to pull more colors out of the skirt. The good thing about having so many colors is that it gives you so many options. I think it is why I find it so strange when people shy away from color – especially when they gravitate only toward black. (Remember there is nothing wrong with black if it is done on purpose – see blog post – If you must wear black – from 2014
Anyhow this outfit screams California sunshine. It is fitting that she is next to a classic car too. What a perfect backdrop. dontashiab
Let me know your thoughts.

Back to the Bay

It has been quite a whirlwind of a summer, so this hiatus from posting to silynrose fashion blog is not without excuse. My main excuse is having relocated to California from New York and then settling in while beginning a new job.

Since relocating, I had an opportunity to reimagine the silynrose website and will now feature a model of the month.  I will write about that soon as  I need to introduce the beautiful Dontashia B – an Oakland native who is the featured model for this month. Believe it or not, I had quite a hard time finding a model to style and shoot. I was pleased to finally link up with Dontashia through Model Mayhem.  I got great pics with her, but am still looking to take greater risks with my shooting and  styling…but  I digress.

My return to the Bay culminated with a day at Art and Soul in downtown Oakland.  I had almost forgotten how beautiful and talented people in Oakland are.  I showed up in a great romper–and I realized as several women approach asking where I’d purchased it, that one of the beautiful things about NYC is that it is always on the forefront of fashion trends.  I will miss being there for that reason. Anyhow, below is a peek at my outfit and the process of putting the final touch.

Trying to figure out the best hat for this outfit. - Please excuse the war zone in the background

Trying to figure out the best hat for this outfit. – Please excuse the war zone in the background


The important thing I realized here is having choices.  Accessories really make or break outfits, but if you haven’t built up your accessory collections (like hats) you have limited choices.  Here, after checking with my sisters, I decided to go with the white hat – even though the blue was more floppy which I liked.  The white hat added a nice contrast to the outfit, so I ultimately went with it.  The yellow hat in the center didn’t have enough shape, so it was ruled out fairly quickly.

The picture to below shows some of the lovely vendors I encountered while at Art and Soul.  I got some really nice earrings and a great wristlet from @BolsaVida.  I will explain more about those later.  Anyway, thank you for your patience as I made this transition.  ArtandSoulVendors


Stay tuned for my new post on the model of the month – September’s model of the month, Dontashia B. Here’s a sneak peek!

Model: Dontashia Styling and photo: SilynRose

Model: Dontashia
Styling and photo: SilynRose