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Monthly Archives October 2016

Trying on clothing…Good luck!(?)

Today, I visited one of my favorite second-hand stores in Vallejo, Eco-Thrift. After perusing accessories and coats, I found two coats (and a skirt even though I wasn’t particularly in the market for one) that I wanted to try on. I headed to the dressing room.
Now, I have stressed before that trying on items, especially at places where there are no returns, is a must. If you are at a second-hand store, you often want to wear leggings or something that you can actually wear under the used clothing items when you try them on.

As I parked my shopping cart and headed into the dressing stall, the attendant manning the dressing room said “good luck.”
Good luck? I thought.
She must have read the confused look on my face and my hesitancy when I said “thank you” with a somewhat questioning tone. The woman commenced to explaining. “We get surprised when we go in there. I blame the manufacturers for the inconsistency with clothing sizes.”
“Yes, I guess you’re right” – I agreed.

Most recently I have been surprised going into the dressing room, not so much because of the manufacturers, however. I have known that my clothing size has ranged from a 0 to a 4 for years. It definitely depends on the brand though. I have been surprised more so because I keep underestimating the size of my belly and thighs which have grown considerably over the years.

But the idea that we now have to go into a dressing room hoping that luck is on our side is not the way I want to shop. Being wished “good luck” shows the degree to which our psyches can be utterly messed up in how we think about clothing, fashion, and our bodies. I do not think we should be as concerned with clothing sizes as much as fit, appropriateness, and whether or not the item is flattering. But I won’t pretend like clothing size is not an issue. Indeed, I remember shopping with my cousin once, and she would not purchase a perfectly fitting skirt because it was a size 10. She said she couldn’t let herself. The interesting thing is that there was another skirt that was similarly perfect fitting, but it was a size 8. Same body – different skirt manufacturers. A slave to the numbers…definitely
I wonder how many more women would be well dressed if they focused on their figures rather than the label figures.
Yeah…I can almost hear my most of us saying -Good luck with that…Good luck indeed.