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It’s not the bag – It’s the coat!

untitled-drawing-1Recently my sister and I attended a fashion show in San Francisco. The 11th Annual Fashion on the square has become a long-standing event in San Fran’s fashion world. This year, among other designers, football great Marshawn Lynch was on hand to preview his BeastMode line on a bunch of models who looked as though they’d never played a sport in their lives. But I digress.

When I asked my sister to attend the event with me, she was hesitant. Her response was “what will I wear?” I told her she couldn’t go wrong with an LBD. A little black dress is a closet staple for this very reason, and many of you will be busting yours out and heavily accessorizing for holiday gatherings. (Note – there is a holiday post coming.) Anyway, my sister seemed more concerned about what I’d be wearing. Having seen my closet and shoe collection multiple times, her concern was that she’d be in an LBD and I’d be in some rhinestone encrusted, backless gown, wearing Christian Louboutin shoes and and Hermes bag (which I do not own). I assured her that I’d be dressed fashion show appropriate.
In fact, I had already gone on to other fashion blog websites that had as a topics”what to wear to a fashion show.”

As we got closer to the event date, my sister was still uneasy. I told her wear the LBD and bring a fabulous bag. I told her that I would bring a coat that would allow her fit in. Of course she doubted me. When I arrived to her house, I had two coats with me – A fabulous silver dress coat and a black striped coat – more reserved, but fabulous in it’s own way. She balked at the silver coat but chose it over the black one.

When we arrived to the venue, I coached her. “Now you’re going to receive compliments on the coat,” I said. Most people will compliment you by yourself some will compliment us both together.” She didn’t believe me. As soon as we got inside someone complimented her on the coat. Then we got on the elevator, a woman expressed feeling underdressed in comparison and then… you guessed it, complimented us on our coats. As we enjoyed the hors d’oeuvres, people complimented us on the coats – hers more than mine. At one point she mentioned, I thought it would be the bag (her red Versace handbag purchased on a recent trip to Italy), but it’s the coat.

To top it off, when she returned home, her husband said “wow, that is a nice coat.” He noted that she would never buy it, and that had he seen it he wouldn’t ever imagine a place where she would wear it, but in this instance with the LBD going to a fashion show, the coat was perfect.

So, I say all this to say…often in the fall and winter it is the coat. The coat is the first thing people see when they encounter you, so it must do the bulk of the heavy lifting. I am personally a fan of the bright colored, bold print coat – especially in a sea of black coats in the winter. Challenge yourselves to buy that one fabulous coat and get ready for the compliments.

My sister is much too reserved to allow me to take a picture of her in that coat – so you can only imagine.

Fashion Week Flashback

At San Francisco Fashion Week with designer Rajitha Prahkruthi.

At San Francisco Fashion Week with designer Rajitha Prahkruthi.

It’s been a week since I’ve attended San Francisco Fashion Week. Let me fill you in on some of the highlight. The week is a blur, but the pictures tell most of the story. I was able to attend shows at both Dzine and Bloomingdale’s in San Francisco.

Dzine fashion show feature three major designers out of San Francisco. Reccitti’s man’s line was a blend of stylish, accessible athletics, and edgy. She mixed lines and shapes on with comfy fabrics.
handbagsThen it was the the guest and the bags they carried. Check out these two beauties that I encountered at the Bloomingdale’s fall fashion event. I was drawn to the Hermes bag right away – then noticed the Chanel. When they told me they worked in the heart of SF’s fashion district, it all made sense. I was too busy enjoying the events to completely capture them but there was definitely something fabulous in the air.img_1751