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Holiday Help.

During the holidays, you should shimmer, sparkle, and shine. It is that simple. It is one of the few times you can, so why not. I love sequin during this time of year because of the light it attracts. Try a sequin blazer with jeans and pumps – Try a little black dress that has a satin shine or try heels with rhinestones, glitter or any festive embellishment. The trick is to be consistent and have the statement piece. No need to do head to toe sparkle. That is, if you have a sequin dress, do not use a lot of bling in the accessories. Feel free to mix up the textures too. For example, a velvet pencil skirt goes great with a sequin blazer or vice versa.
This is also a time to don bright red or deep red lipsticks and nail polishes because they only add to the outfit – what ever it may be.

When hosting for the holidays, you still have to shine.

When hosting for the holidays, you still have to shine.

I recently had an opportunity to host a holiday baking party. If you’re hosting, you should still shine – you are the host after all. But you also need to be comfortable for the running around you will do. In this photo, I donned a lightweight vintage sparkle batwing blouse with black jeans and a comfortable pair of red pumps. This outfit was festive but would easily allow me to move about, greet guests, and serve.

I will be hosting a sip and style event for New Year’s Eve. If interested in attending, just message me.
Happy Holidays!!