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Monthly Archives March 2017

Spring Fling – Cleaning out your closet

Spring officially begins next week. That means a lot more to those on the west coast than it does to those on the east coast. Some of us already have blue skies and flower blossoms, while others have snow and slush. That point notwithstanding, we will all embrace spring at some point in the coming month. And spring is, if nothing else, a time where we can get rid of the old and embrace the new. Hence the big spring fling.
When cleaning out your closet, you can literally fling away the old, the unflattering, the painful, the tattered masses that exist in your closet. But as I found, it is so much easier said than done.
I tried, in my second video, to show the process. Nothing fancy, as I am not part of this digital generation who can make videos in their sleep.
But I did record a video of me doing a spring fling. I went through the entire process of creating a pile of things I would keep, throw away and donate. I had made an entire 17 minute video trying on items and flinging things into various piles, most of which ended up in the KEEP pile. Yay. I got rid of seven items and kept three in the “I am not sure pile” – a pile I quickly created on the fly. Because the 17 minute video only recorded the right half of my body and completely missed me trying on clothing, I ended up putting together clips in which I talked about what to do.
What made it so difficult is that there were items that had just been hibernating during the fall and winter seasons. It seemed so unfair to toss them at this juncture when the sun is just coming out. It is like trying to get rid of coats when you know there is rain or snow in the forecast for the coming week. It seems to me, spring fling would be best spent getting rid of coats, sweaters, blazers and boots that didn’t see the light of day in the winter or fall that just ended. I tried to frame the spring fling around 3Fs – Fit, Flatter, Fabulous. The items you keep should fit you. Not just fit, they should flatter your shape. Ideally you should feel fabulous. I know it doesn’t seem plausible that every item can feel fabulous, but there were things I had in my closet that I felt bad in – items that made me feel older than I am. I had to get rid of those items – and so do you. It is time.
Take a look at the video by cutting an pasting it into your browser. Tell me what you think. Happy cleaning.

Fashion Waits for No One

It has been a while. Trends have come and seasons have gone. All the while, my blog has gathered cyber spiderwebs. What accounts for this? Two things: 1) my day job and 2) my age.
Let me explain. My job as an instructor leaves me teaching and grading in a seemingly non-ending cycle. Additionally, I have been doing contract work as an evaluator, which leaves little time for other things including writing. Next, it’s my age. I remember vividly while in my twenties, jumping in my car and driving to the Bay Area from Los Angeles in the morning and coming back driving back the next morning. Now, I find myself hesitant to drive across the Carquinez bridge opting instead to work from a Starbucks in near my home. Uh, 44 is no spring chicken and sometimes, I just don’t want to go out. That’s the truth. The fashion world and the social media world is full of millennials and they are active and bubbly. Me. Not so much.
Last weekend, I went to a social media hack-a-thon that had among its speakers Cliff Worley. He mentioned, as he was telling us how to grow our instagram, that he was in college when Facebook came out. I was in the audience thinking – uh we didn’t even have the internet when I entered college.

So, that’s the back story. But I have certainly not been ignorant of the emergent 2017 spring fashion, among which are denim, black and white, and of course florals and soft pastels. Lightweight fabrics are in because the weather requires it, but there is always something appealing about mixing structured fabrics with lightweight fabric to create a wonderful tension.
Here in the Bay Area after the rainy winter that pretty much single-handedly reversed the California drought, I am just happy to be out of rubber boots and trench coats. I have already begun incorporating flowy skirts and sheer blouses into my wardrobe for work. I have made a vow to jump back into Bay Area fashion, because like time, and most other things, fashion waits for no one. Happy Spring.