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Macy’s Fall Fashion Event SF falls short on the Fashion

Indeed one of my journalistic error.  I am not mad at the orange leather outfit though.

Indeed one of my journalistic error. I am not mad at the orange leather outfit though.

One of my biggest regrets as an entertainment writer for the Oakland Post Newspaper was writing a good review for B.A.Ps (Black American Princesses) -the horrible 1997 movie starring Halle Berry and Martin Landau. I was young and it was my first movie review, so I tried to put a positive spin. That took some writing wizardry, but I never felt that I had done right by my readers. I vowed to always try to be honest about my take on an event. This, of course, would never apply to a Beyonce event, however – everyone fears the BeyHive.
But, I feel that it is my duty to share my thoughts about last night’s Macy’s Fall Fashion Event. It was so different than last year’s and not in a good way. This year focused on the featured musician, James Maslow, and less on the actual fashion. Don’t get me wrong, James was awesome – I even tweeted about it. And sure, there were models positioned on pedestals in the aisles of the third floor, but this was a far cry from the runway that they had last year. The vibe was way too relaxed too.
Models positioned on pedestals.

Models positioned on pedestals.

I found myself seated with a group of ladies, who like myself, had come to last year’s event and were somewhat disappointed at the change. This just didn’t feel like a fashion event. There was nothing to ooo-awww at, nor was there anything to applaud. The ladies and I had all come earlier than we had last year because we’d remembered the lines, and the clamoring for a front row seat. But we also remembered the give-a-ways, Kelly Osbourne, and the fabulous male models. This year – no one even checked our tickets. It was as if no one cared who showed up…
There were free appetizers and drinks, but that wasn’t enough to make the event magical. Two of the ladies decided to call it a night early, and I followed suit shortly after. Overall, the event just fell short of my expectations. It wasn’t an epic fail, but it certainly wasn’t a fall event to remember.

What your closet tells you about your social life

Remember back in high school when you used to call your friend and coordinate your outfits for school the next day? Or maybe you can recall in college before heading out for a night on the town with your girls you’d swap clothing to make sure your outfit was tight.

Recently my niece went off to college – Go Spelman. She told me how her and her newly found friend were already sharing clothing. I told her not to always be the borrower. It’s important to have things in your closet to contribute to the cause. In an ironic turn, my sister came to my house on two occasions over the last few months to raid my closet and borrow items for various events. I am sad to report that on both occasions my closet fell horribly short. “I must need to go shopping,” I said. “No, don’t let this be an excuse for you to shop,” my sister replied. But how could I not?

My closet was revealing something about my social life. In short, I don’t go out enough. If I did, I would have already noticed what was missing from my wardrobe. It became clearer as my sister left empty handed noting with a hint of dismay that she’d just grab something from her own closet. So, needless to say, during my recent trip to New York City, I hit up all of my old spots – Beacon’s Closet, Goodwill on 72nd in Manhattan – and of course Bergdorf’s (for inspiration only).
I was able to refurbish my closet with great shoes, jackets, and skirts. And…I actually have a date this coming Saturday – coincidence? I think not.
I encourage you to take a look into your closet – see what it tells you about your social life; what events would you be able to dress for immediately? Could you borrow for the event or are your friends’ closets lacking too. If so, you and your girls need to go shopping, and make plans to hit the town more often. You will be glad you did.