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Christian Louboutin: Sole-Shaming

Photo/styling shoot in NYC in Louboutins

Photo/styling shoot in NYC in Louboutins

I shot this picture during a styling/photoshoot a few years back. I remember one of the comments that I got from a dear friend. “Her soles are scuffed.”
It seems like a strange comment, but not for Louboutins; in fact it was quite true. I made a note of it and sought quickly to unload the “damaged goods” via Tradesy before they lost too much of their value. I mean the shoe is the sole right? – well partially at least. This brings me to another Louboutin sole-shaming issue. I have watched youtubers post about having their soles reinforced with rubber. I have a pair myself, but sometimes it feels inauthentic. Why should it? It must be that Louboutins by any other sole is not as sweet – to sort of quote Shakespeare.

A friend of the family was at a fundraiser and Christian Louboutin was there. The friend shared on Facebook that fundraiser attendees took pictures proudly displaying the coveted red-bottoms. However, I imagine I would have felt somewhat embarrassed to show the well-worn red and the reinforced rubber replacement. That imagined embarrassment is what motivated this post.

I have been guarding my marble Pigalle Follies pumps. I bought them for myself for Christmas in 2015 – purchased in the lovely shoe salon at Bergdorf’s. This was the ultimate gift to myself, but I had been so petrified of the scuffed soles that I have only worn them once. That is ludicrous. It is akin to the good old days when people would cover their couches with plastic never allowing themselves to fully enjoy the beauty of the fabric.
So, this past Sunday, I took my Louboutins off the shelf, out of the box, out of the tissue, and out of the dust bag. I wore them to church. I walked across the street in them. I didn’t put on the flip flops. I just walked in them. Sole to concrete risking a scuff with every step I took.
I wore the shoes and yes I know the sole will wear off eventually (after all it is the sole – that’s what it does). I’m fine with that. What a stupid realization to have to finally come to.

My $5 Gucci Pelham – Upcycle (there’s an applique for that!)

Upcycling and remaking are huge right now. They are a testament to how environmentally conscious we’ve become. And with good reason. People are finding great ways to get the most out of their purchases. Waste not – want not. Right?
In the fashion world, we have seen upcycling, remade clothing, and the cache that comes along with thrifting.
Now, I have boasted many times about being somewhat of a master when it comes to thrift store shopping. So here is where my shopping savvy meets with the world of upcycling…
One Saturday morning, I headed to Eco Thrift in Vallejo at 9 am when it opened. I had gone to get scarf that I’d seen before but didn’t purchase. Since the scarves were so close to the handbags, I thought I’d peruse them to see what was there. My eyes were immediately drawn to a Gucci handbag. I recognized it right away but was extremely surprised to see the price $2.98. That’s right. For less than $5, I was about to cop a Gucci bag.

Before -
As with many of the cloth canvas bags, the daily wear appears to have led to bald spaces where the logo was worn off. This bag had several areas where this was the case.  This Gucci Pelham medium with cream leather trim had clearly seen better days.

Before – You can see where thee is lots of wear on the bag.

Originally I thought about selling it on Ebay for $40 or so, but instead I decided to keep it. The question was – How do I give it new life? Well, luckily, the recent Gucci line has included bags with applique from bugs, flowers, birds – you name it. This made my solution fairly easy. I ordered some flower applique from Ebay and commenced to refurbishing my bag.
The result is a refurbished Pelham bag that is on trend and very fun.
Just added some applique and the the bag is back in business

Just added some applique and the the bag is back in business

One last look.
Check out this Dionysus Gucci that retails at over 4KGucci Dionysus Appliqued bag$4900