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2018 Style Resolutions

Since it’s January 6th, it is safe to say that some who have set resolutions that began on January 1st have already begun to slack a bit. Why do I say this? Well, most people go hard on their New Year’s resolutions and are consistent for the first few days – no sugar, spinach smoothies for breakfast, hitting the gym everyday… and on and on. If you’ve done that for 5 days straight, you probably feel like it is time for a break – a celebration of sorts. Unfortunately, this often begins our downfall.
For me, I am just now gearing up with my New Year’s resolution and it is all about style and styling. I am participating with about 750 other stylist across the US in Lauren Messiah’s 14 Day challenge to launch your stylist business. That is first and foremost for me as something I want to accomplish in 2018. I am looking to establish about 50 clients by the end of the year.
On a personal note, my style resolution involves consistent maintenance. I would like to do a better job at having my eyebrows arched when they need to be arched and my gray edges dyed when they need to be dyed. That is my goal, simple. I realize how much better I feel about myself when those things are done, so this year I vow to do them.
Now one of my sisters has vowed to wear eye make up more consistently. She had lashes done at MAC and her eyes looked amazing. So, she decided that she’d make that part of her routine.
So as you are establishing your style resolutions for 2018, think simply about what makes you look and feel good – after all it is usually such things that add most to our personal style. What’s your style resolution?