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Monthly Archives March 2018

Clothing does not have to be expensive to be fabulous

With the fashion magazines playing up the new trends for spring, and with the fall fashion shows having just concluded, it is hard not to get caught up. When new bags comes out Bergdorf sends me an email and as I peruse the new very expensive handbags that cost a month’s wages, it gets a little frustrating. But, recently, as I prepared for a styling session with a client here in the Bay Area,  I found myself at Marshall’s pulling items.  And-let-me-tell-you, there were some fabulous pieces there.  I cannot wait for my client’s fitting.  For me, it was a reminder of the importance of fit and appropriateness.  It doesn’t matter what expensive brand of clothing you buy, if it is not appropriate and doesn’t fit, you’ve basically wasted your money.  I just felt the need to revisit this point.  Others had said it so the idea is far from new, but it seems a reminder is always good.