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Monthly Archives July 2018

Has Glamour Magazine lost its glamour?

Side-by-side of Glamour past and present

Something is different about the look of Glamour Magazine, and not in a good way.   The last few issues of the magazine, and even the August 2018 that just hit my doorstep leave much to be desired as far as aesthetics and content.  When I read magazines, I begin the first go-round with a picture walk, much like “good” readers learning to read do.  But the pictures recently have fallen flat.  There aren’t beautiful photos of fabulous duds that are financially out of reach, but make me want to work towards them.  What is happening?  I have been in transition as I moved to a new house in April, but now that my mail delivery has caught up to me, I find myself deeply disappointed when my Glamour arrives.  It is all but glamorous.  I understand that magazines want to reimagine their brands sometimes, but this move to the new lettering and minimalistic cover image is not the Glamour that I am used to.

The change, which has been the topic of plenty of editorial posts,  has come as the new Editor-in-Chief , Samantha Berry, has taken reins. One article I read says the change was designed to meet evolving image of the 2018 woman.  However, as a 2018 woman, well-established, confident, and knowledgeable, I don’t find the direction of magazine headed where I’d like to go. Glamour administrators will do well to remember why its audience subscribed to the magazine – it is not for the new content that they have decided to include.    In short, this newly imagined Glamour  magazine can miss me because, sadly, I have been missing it for months now.