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Monthly Archives September 2018

It’s always about adding a little color

This weekend I painted my kitchen.  It wasn’t anything fancy, and I didn’t do a fantastic job painting. But, let me tell you what I learned and why I think this is related to fashion.  The kitchen was rather blah and the cabinets had noticeable spots where there was wear.  If you look closely, you can see the areas where the varnish was warn off because the cabinet drawers and doors have no handles

I can say there are times when I similarly look into my closet feel that my clothing are also blah and like with this mini remodel, it doesn’t take a whole lot do make a difference.  It often takes something simple as adding color.

I spent $20 at The Home Depot for “oops” paint, which is paint the other customers had mixed, but for one reason or another it was the wrong color. I spent 75 cents for an orange basket at a thrift store and $7.99 for a throw rug at a local store.

So, for under $30, I was able to give my small kitchen a little make over.  I painted the cabinets not the walls.  My sister was surprised and mentioned that she had assumed I would be painting the wall.  My response was, “the walls were not the problem.” This is another thing that relates to making fashion choice.  Don’t just buy anything; otherwise you stand the risk of still feeling unsatisfied.  Be clear of where the problem is. When you think about making any changes or additions to your wardrobe, likewise, always address the problem at hand. Anyway, that’s it. I will be writing another fashion post soon.  (P.S. – I realize the before picture wouldn’t have look so bad if the kitchen had been clean, but, that still would not have made me like the cabinets. Its amazing what a splash of color will do.