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Winter White

In the spring and summer you always take notice when someone shows up in a crisp all-white outfit.  There is something so daring about it; it puts them momentarily on a different level. I usually think to  myself, this person must not have children, or no red wine for them.  I often find myself searching them out by the end of the event to see if there has been any smudge or smear.  There rarely is because this person who wears all white to a summer picnic or pool party or some such has generally learned how to stave off stains the way a ninja staves off bad guys.  These feats of fashion  happen  during the sunny season.

We are all too familiar with the rule “never wear white after Labor Day.” But we needn’t totally put our whites away.

Two months ago my friend asked me about winter white outfits. She had an event to go in New York and it had some specific dress stipulations.  I didn’t have a good answer for her then. So, of course, being the researcher I am, I had to look it up.  I wish I had done my blog entry sooner because one of my favorite blog sites WhoWhatWear scooped the story. See their post here –  

But let me tell you what I know from my research.

Winter whites are about mixing whites, creams, beiges. Successful winter white outfits will include different textures and different fabric weights. These outfits don’t have to be head-to-toe whites, but whites should certainly dominate. Put a pair of blue jeans underneath a white flowy spring dress, and add a bulky off-white, cable-knit turtleneck over top. Top this off with cream colored boots. You have a wonderful winter white fit. Part of the shock value in rocking winter white is that in the mist of black and gray down coats, you dare to be different. That is fashion!  White on people, white on!