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Gucci, Prada, H&M – It is hard to believe you are sorry

They say it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission.  These sad corporate “I’m sorries” have become far too commonplace when it comes to racially discriminatory, derogatory or offensive fashion advertisements. I have a very difficult time believing that the higher-ups in these luxury companies are so ignorant about the history of racism, and racial discrimination in America that they could approve the ads.  Anyone can tell from the heightened racially motivated hate crimes that our country has a deeply disturbing racial history.  And just as fashion has a cycle where things re-emerge, the racial propaganda is re-emerging in the very fashion brands that are associated with high society. Therefore, I have concluded that these are marketing campaigns that the higher-ups have chosen to move forward by asking for forgiveness rather than permission. But the question is why would these brands continue racial stereotypes and pathologies related to Black people.  As of lately, there have been horrendous choices from the  display of Anastacia the Brazilian slave woman on the runway on a white model in Adriana Degreas runway show to the black face  on the white model in the recent Gucci ad. 

It is sad that the apology is enough – and that no real work has to be done.  I  wonder if this is because  African Americans affected by these ads are not the demographic population that these brands care about.

Everyone who knows me, knows that I write about fashion on the side in order to take a break from the regular work that I do on race and racism in the education setting, but I could not let this one pass.  I am disappointed in Gucci, Prada, H&M, Starbucks (not fashion related but still).  I am certain that these brands could not care less about my disappointment in them.  I guess that makes us even because I could not care less about their apologies.  Get it right!


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Living the Life of My Clothes

There is a saying that you may have heard, “May your life be as happy as your Facebook posts make it seem.” I have recently realized that my clothes appear to be living a happy life without me. How did I come to realize this you ask, well let me tell you. As you may know, I often do photoshoots for Instagram to highlight my styling and photography. Last weekend I had a photoshoot scheduled but the model flaked the morning of the shoot.  As I looked at the clothing, shoes, and accessories that I had pulled, I realized that these three outfits had never actually been worn by me.  And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that most of the items I have pulled from my closet for shoots have not yet been worn by me.

Models styled in items from my closet.

The first and sometimes only use of some of the outfits tends to be by some young twenty or thirty something model who happens to be my same size.  I often scout locations for the shoots and capture my clothing in ways that make them seem like they are having a fabulous life.  And indeed some of them do.  Items that I have shot from my closet have passed right through my hands to Poshmark or Ebay.  And for some of the items, the buyer shared with me the purpose of the clothing purchase.  One dress was reportedly heading for the govenor’s ball in Washington. Another dress served as the wedding dress for a lady who got married in Las Vegas.  This woman thanked me profusely and sent me photos of her wedding day. Other clothing of mine have strolled that the streets of New York headed to some place fabulous if you judge by the pictures.

The same day that I had the epiphany about my clothing, I had an event to go to.  My outfit was pretty much a no-brainer. I pulled a blazer, a necklace,  velvet body suit, and a pair of metallic Giuseppe pumps off of my model rack. As soon as I got inside, two women complimented me on the necklace.  So, I will add this to my 2019 resolution.  I have to live the life my of clothing .

New Year’s Eve 2019 – What had happened…

I want to rewind a bit before I jump too deeply into my 2019 posts.  I left off in 2018 asking you to stay tuned about my New Year’s Eve plans.  Well, I had finally established that I would attend the small Decades Dance party in Vallejo – my current home city.  The party was set to start at 8pm and go a little past midnight.  I was planning to begin getting ready at around 6pm.  This would have given me ample time.  At about 4:45, my brother and I noticed the power was out.  I got a message from PG&E indicating that power was expected to be restored by 5:30. That did not happen. At 5:30, my side of the street was completely dark, but to add insult to injury, the blackout seemed to stop on my half of the street. I could see the glow of televisions and Christmas lights right across the street.  From my street and to the rear of me a shroud of darkness lay and would be there until 9:30, by which time I was totally out of the party mood. My sister had called because she’d seen on the news that 5,000 customers in Vallejo were in the dark.  “Yes, I was among them,” I told her.  My outfit was ready to go, but the city wasn’t quite ready for me.

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2019 – Resolutions -What do you have to add?

It’s the end of January and finally time for me to chime in about my 2019 goals. First of all, I will say that I haven’t been to the gym yet because it will take until the middle of February before all of those weight loss/ gym attending resolutions have trickled down to the small 1% of people who actually keep those resolutions. Until then, it is quite difficult to find an open treadmill or elliptical machine.

I have decided to take an additive approach to my new year resolution. This is to say, that I won’t focus so much on eliminating the bad as much as I will focus on including the good.  I believe this way the bad will eventually fade into the background. After all, you cannot serve two masters right?  Let me give an example.  I don’t plan on just cutting back on television watching, instead I plan to bike ride at least twice per week.  It stands to reason that If I am bike riding I cannot be watching television.  See how that works.

On the fashion front, my goal is to do more styling. I spent last year completing stylist courses and was very gung ho about this.  I saw others from the course report their success.  I wasn’t quite able to jump in with both feet like they did. So this year, I will add styling to my writing and photography.

One personal goal (tangentially related to fashion) is to add a nightly skin regimen. It has been said that Black doesn’t crack.  It may not  fully crack, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve certainly seen some chinks in the armor.  Even though dermatologist note that the appearance of wrinkles is partially genetic, it is also a result of sun damage, poor eating habits, and not enough water. A nightly regimen will be beneficial as well as increasing my intake of vitamin C.  Well, that’s it in a nutshell – 2019, I’m ready for you!