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Monthly Archives July 2019

Managing your wait (weight and waist)

Hello Everyone. I haven’t written about fashion because I gained weight and have been struggling to manage it. I guess it is a simple as that.  It is no secret that it is very difficult to feel good about getting dressed when you don’t like the way you look.  For me, it was more than that. Several months back I went shopping because I needed an outfit for an event. I tried on item after item; all items were too small or were ill-fitting.  I kept looking at myself in the mirror and feeling that it was my face but someone else’s body looking back at me.  Fat rolls and cellulite seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.  I say all this to say that I was really in a slump because I could not figure out how to look good in my skin let alone write an encouraging blog post.   I will say, it is important for you to take control of how you want to look.  I want a thinner waist and a lower weight – and not so much because I am a victim of society, but because  having those things will make me feel like myself again.  So, that is the reason why I have waited so long to post. I am now striving to lose about 15 pounds.  It the mean time, I will aim to post.