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Monthly Archives December 2019

Revamping Your Wardrobe Using Holiday Sales

In the past I have written about the best way to approach holiday shopping – – This year is no different. Let  me explain. During the year  most of us tend to notice breakdowns in our wardrobe – items with sticking zippers, belts that have frayed, blouses with oil stains from salad dressing or items we may have simply outgrown.  Those items need to come out of the closet, but in order to avoid a gapping hole in sections of our closet, we must replace those items.  So be strategic.  Cyber Monday is tomorrow, which means you don’t even have to brave the stores.  But, what you must do before then is go through your closet and drawers and remove those damaged items. Then go on websites to find replacements.  If you are a conservative shopper, you may look for the same brand and style.  If you want to change things up, try something bolder with a little flare.  Look for items that are between 50%-75% off, but do not totally be bound by the sale prices.  (That often gets people into trouble). Shopping the holiday sales is among the best ways to revamp wardrobe staples.  Review my list of closet must haves– then make a plan to use the holiday sales to revamp your wardrobe. Happy Shopping!