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SilynRose is a blog about fashion.  It aims to share how women can navigate their worlds as fashionably as possible by offering simple and reasonable tips.  This blog celebrates the fact that women are beautiful and their clothing should compliment them.  This blog site has the following goals:

1)   SilynRose Fashion Blog will provide simple insight from one every day woman to another.  I know as well as you do that celebrities and TV stars do things with fashion that most of us wouldn’t and shouldn’t dare, but we can still have our red carpet moments.

2)   SilynRose will offer weekly articles about fashion concerns.  Many of our own issues keep us from venturing out.  But, it is time for us to take chances.

3)   SilynRose Fashion Blog will be an open sharing of steps and mis-steps when it comes to fashion.  I will post pictures and from my own experiences, and offer my readers an opportunity to share their own, to comment, and to make suggestions for articles.

4)   SilynRose will offer services to help you put together fabulous looks for your upcoming events.  We will peek into you closet and use what you have, and we will venture to purchase some needed pieces that you need.

5)   SilynRose offers you an opportunity to blossom.  Join my small band of blog followers (flowers – affectionately named Rose Bouquet).

6)   Lastly, SilynRose encourages you to share and compliment one another.  We are often our own worst critics, but we should be our own biggest fans.

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