Timeless fashion and ageless style

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About the Stylist

SilynRose aka Lynette
I am a style connoisseur and a fashion fanatic. I believe that the clothing we wear are so instrumental in helping us reach our life goals. The fit of a tailored blazer, the way and empire waist helps accentuates curves, and how the perfect LBD (little black dress) allow us to own a room can be magical and awe inspiring.

I have been a stylist and photographer for years. In my mind they go together. After I style a woman, I want her to see how beautiful she is and pictures help in doing so. I absolutely love when the women I style and photograph begin to recognize their own beauty. I often go through photos with them and watch them select the photos of themselves that they like. It is beautiful; it is transformative; and it is what makes what I do such a honor.