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The PhDiva


I am in my 40’s. I have a PhD in Educational Policy and my work emphasized the socio-political impact of racism on students of color.  For the last 6 years I have focused on that.  Fashion has helped me to escape.  It was never uncommon for me to have a Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar or W magazine with me as I took a study break.  There has always been something about the flow of a silk skirt or the perfect fit of a tweed blazer that has made me think all is right with the world, even when my studies said otherwise.

I have enjoyed a career as a teacher in middle school, high school, and community college.  I’ve been an entertainment writer and photographer and even tried my hand at fashion styling and photography.  I’ve included some of my favorite photos throughout my site. I’ve lived in the Bay Area, New York, Colorado and I’ve shopped locally and internationally including places like Shanghai and Brazil and I am looking forward to exploring new places and experiencing new things.

With that said, I have always helped friends and family members put together outfits and feel good about themselves.  There is something intuitive about how things come together when I am styling someone.  Now is my opportunity to take what I know innately, and couple it with great texts of fashion, fashion shows and lectures given by the icons of fashion.  I recently went to one where Andre Leon Tally  was speaking;  I was the only one in my row taking notes.  The young lady sitting next to me kept looking over at what I was writing.  I guess you can take the girl out of the university, but…

Mr. Tally said something that I thought was great.  He said his goal was to “make layouts pages that women want to tear of and take to the store with them”.  The idea that he could make fashion so wonderful in the readers’ eyes that they’d want to take it with them to help the shop was very novel to me. It made me realize why I was so drawn to some of the pages.  There is a magic behind fashion.  It is something that makes you feel good, that is if you let it.

I am excited to be delving into this fashion blog and am happy that you are along for the ride.







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