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Thrift Stores and Stale Closets

I am a big fan of shopping at second-hand stores.  I have boasted time and time again about how one can come across unique vintage finds, or even high-end items that were surely abandoned by some celebrity who can’t be seen in the same thing twice .

Closet cleanse needed!

One thing that I hadn’t realized until recently is how a  second-hand thrift store can reveal that you and your closet are in trouble.

Now, everyone who knows me will say that I have somewhat of a gift when it comes to fashion.  I can go through thrift stores like a ninja racking up amazing unique finds that people have easily over-looked. While thrift stores are great for that, we also have to remember that they are the space that holds many discarded items – and for good reason.  On several occasions in a 6-week time period I saw items in thrift stores that I have in rotation in my own closest – a sweater, a skirt, a pair of pink leather boots, and even a pair of pajama pants – Exactly the same as what I have in my closet. Exactly.

What does it mean when your closet is starting to mirror a thrift store?—You’ve guessed it.  Something is wrong-terribly wrong.  My closet is stale and I have somehow gotten out of touch.

This got me to thinking about doing a closet cleanse for the start of 2020.  I could not afford to wait until spring.  I immediately began going through and throwing out things that just look dated – blouses with sheen from the early 2000s, light weight butterfly shirts, any high-low skirts, shoes with widely curved toes.

Staying up-to-date is not always about staying with the trend, but its about being timeless. If you can’t tell the difference, peruse your local thrift store. It has more answers than you know.


2019 – Resolutions -What do you have to add?

It’s the end of January and finally time for me to chime in about my 2019 goals. First of all, I will say that I haven’t been to the gym yet because it will take until the middle of February before all of those weight loss/ gym attending resolutions have trickled down to the small 1% of people who actually keep those resolutions. Until then, it is quite difficult to find an open treadmill or elliptical machine.

I have decided to take an additive approach to my new year resolution. This is to say, that I won’t focus so much on eliminating the bad as much as I will focus on including the good.  I believe this way the bad will eventually fade into the background. After all, you cannot serve two masters right?  Let me give an example.  I don’t plan on just cutting back on television watching, instead I plan to bike ride at least twice per week.  It stands to reason that If I am bike riding I cannot be watching television.  See how that works.

On the fashion front, my goal is to do more styling. I spent last year completing stylist courses and was very gung ho about this.  I saw others from the course report their success.  I wasn’t quite able to jump in with both feet like they did. So this year, I will add styling to my writing and photography.

One personal goal (tangentially related to fashion) is to add a nightly skin regimen. It has been said that Black doesn’t crack.  It may not  fully crack, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve certainly seen some chinks in the armor.  Even though dermatologist note that the appearance of wrinkles is partially genetic, it is also a result of sun damage, poor eating habits, and not enough water. A nightly regimen will be beneficial as well as increasing my intake of vitamin C.  Well, that’s it in a nutshell – 2019, I’m ready for you!