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Spring hasn’t really sprung in NYC

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, I know. Spring apparently sprung a couple of months ago, but I have not yet even taken my spring clothes out of storage because the weather has been so random. We had a record for the most consecutive days of “below normal” weather here in New York City, and even as I write this, clouds are hovering ominously overhead. But, people still have to get dressed right? Why should those of you reading this from “Sunny California” or any other warm place suffer? You’re absolutely right!

So what’s new for spring and summer? Nothing is really new. I get hordes of magazines that are forced to reinvent themselves every month to stay relevant, but the truth is spring and summer are the times for floral prints, light flowy fabrics, and bright vibrant colors. We’ve always known this, and even if we didn’t, the department stores don’t give too many options besides those.

Now, according to the magazines, there seems to be a re-emergence of pale pinks and a renewed interest in anything denim (jean skirts, jean jumpers, jean shorts, and jean shirts) and jean on jean outfits are chic again. But really? Did denim ever go out of style – No. There has definitely been a change in cut of the jean – high rise, low rise…I think we are actually back to high rise or medium rise. Not many people could actually get away the super low rise jeans anyway. But I’m rambling.

Until I unpack my spring and summer duds from storage, I plan in the next week to do a few instillations on accessorizing your accessories. Stay tuned…, but until then the quote for today is,

“People will stare. Make it worth their while.” —Harry Winston