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2018 Style Resolutions

Since it’s January 6th, it is safe to say that some who have set resolutions that began on January 1st have already begun to slack a bit. Why do I say this? Well, most people go hard on their New Year’s resolutions and are consistent for the first few days – no sugar, spinach smoothies for breakfast, hitting the gym everyday… and on and on. If you’ve done that for 5 days straight, you probably feel like it is time for a break – a celebration of sorts. Unfortunately, this often begins our downfall.
For me, I am just now gearing up with my New Year’s resolution and it is all about style and styling. I am participating with about 750 other stylist across the US in Lauren Messiah’s 14 Day challenge to launch your stylist business. That is first and foremost for me as something I want to accomplish in 2018. I am looking to establish about 50 clients by the end of the year.
On a personal note, my style resolution involves consistent maintenance. I would like to do a better job at having my eyebrows arched when they need to be arched and my gray edges dyed when they need to be dyed. That is my goal, simple. I realize how much better I feel about myself when those things are done, so this year I vow to do them.
Now one of my sisters has vowed to wear eye make up more consistently. She had lashes done at MAC and her eyes looked amazing. So, she decided that she’d make that part of her routine.
So as you are establishing your style resolutions for 2018, think simply about what makes you look and feel good – after all it is usually such things that add most to our personal style. What’s your style resolution?

Macy’s Fall Fashion Event SF falls short on the Fashion

Indeed one of my journalistic error.  I am not mad at the orange leather outfit though.

Indeed one of my journalistic error. I am not mad at the orange leather outfit though.

One of my biggest regrets as an entertainment writer for the Oakland Post Newspaper was writing a good review for B.A.Ps (Black American Princesses) -the horrible 1997 movie starring Halle Berry and Martin Landau. I was young and it was my first movie review, so I tried to put a positive spin. That took some writing wizardry, but I never felt that I had done right by my readers. I vowed to always try to be honest about my take on an event. This, of course, would never apply to a Beyonce event, however – everyone fears the BeyHive.
But, I feel that it is my duty to share my thoughts about last night’s Macy’s Fall Fashion Event. It was so different than last year’s and not in a good way. This year focused on the featured musician, James Maslow, and less on the actual fashion. Don’t get me wrong, James was awesome – I even tweeted about it. And sure, there were models positioned on pedestals in the aisles of the third floor, but this was a far cry from the runway that they had last year. The vibe was way too relaxed too.
Models positioned on pedestals.

Models positioned on pedestals.

I found myself seated with a group of ladies, who like myself, had come to last year’s event and were somewhat disappointed at the change. This just didn’t feel like a fashion event. There was nothing to ooo-awww at, nor was there anything to applaud. The ladies and I had all come earlier than we had last year because we’d remembered the lines, and the clamoring for a front row seat. But we also remembered the give-a-ways, Kelly Osbourne, and the fabulous male models. This year – no one even checked our tickets. It was as if no one cared who showed up…
There were free appetizers and drinks, but that wasn’t enough to make the event magical. Two of the ladies decided to call it a night early, and I followed suit shortly after. Overall, the event just fell short of my expectations. It wasn’t an epic fail, but it certainly wasn’t a fall event to remember.

Trying on clothing…Good luck!(?)

Today, I visited one of my favorite second-hand stores in Vallejo, Eco-Thrift. After perusing accessories and coats, I found two coats (and a skirt even though I wasn’t particularly in the market for one) that I wanted to try on. I headed to the dressing room.
Now, I have stressed before that trying on items, especially at places where there are no returns, is a must. If you are at a second-hand store, you often want to wear leggings or something that you can actually wear under the used clothing items when you try them on.

As I parked my shopping cart and headed into the dressing stall, the attendant manning the dressing room said “good luck.”
Good luck? I thought.
She must have read the confused look on my face and my hesitancy when I said “thank you” with a somewhat questioning tone. The woman commenced to explaining. “We get surprised when we go in there. I blame the manufacturers for the inconsistency with clothing sizes.”
“Yes, I guess you’re right” – I agreed.

Most recently I have been surprised going into the dressing room, not so much because of the manufacturers, however. I have known that my clothing size has ranged from a 0 to a 4 for years. It definitely depends on the brand though. I have been surprised more so because I keep underestimating the size of my belly and thighs which have grown considerably over the years.

But the idea that we now have to go into a dressing room hoping that luck is on our side is not the way I want to shop. Being wished “good luck” shows the degree to which our psyches can be utterly messed up in how we think about clothing, fashion, and our bodies. I do not think we should be as concerned with clothing sizes as much as fit, appropriateness, and whether or not the item is flattering. But I won’t pretend like clothing size is not an issue. Indeed, I remember shopping with my cousin once, and she would not purchase a perfectly fitting skirt because it was a size 10. She said she couldn’t let herself. The interesting thing is that there was another skirt that was similarly perfect fitting, but it was a size 8. Same body – different skirt manufacturers. A slave to the numbers…definitely
I wonder how many more women would be well dressed if they focused on their figures rather than the label figures.
Yeah…I can almost hear my most of us saying -Good luck with that…Good luck indeed.

Macy’s Front Row – West Coast Style

The original announcement of Macy’s presents Fashion’s Front Row by Business Wire indicated that Macy’s in New York would feature fall fashion collections by great designers and entertainment by Ariana Grande and Flo Rida. While this event kicked off on September 7th in New York City, the west coast (i.e. the San Francisco Bay Area) had a show of its own on September 16th at the Macy’s in Union Square. Macy’s Fashion’s Front Row event was hosted by Kelly Osbourne (who we know from Fashion Police among other things) and featured the fashion stylings of Jake and Blake of Project Runway fame.

After waiting anxiously, fashion fanatics, myself included, were ushered into the seating area on the third level of Macy’s in Union Square. There were three rows of seats on either side of the stage and standing room only for patrons unable to grab a seat. But the view of the runway was unobstructed for all – which was a huge plus. I was lucky enough to snag one of the seats on the third row, but found myself standing often to get a glimpse the the fashionable fits models donned on the catwalk. My favorite outfits are below.

Prints, fringe, fall hues, and eye favorite looks from the show.

Prints, fringe, fall hues, and eye candy…my favorite looks from the show.

Often we think about adult clothing but the show included an adorable reminder that fashionistas start young. Thanks to Hello Kitty, the crowd was able to experience collection of kids wear donned by some of the most adorable models you’ve ever seen.favorite-looks

macys-fashions-front-row-sf While I didn’t have the opportunity to get a picture with our hostess Kelly Osbourne, I was lucky enough to pose with some of the featured models – Sasha – the beauty originally from Jamaica, Josh – the cutie by whom I was totally smitten, and, of course…Hello Kitty. Great event! -Welcome to the Bay Area silynrose.

Models Sasha, Josh, and Hello Kitty with silyrose

Models Sasha, Josh, and Hello Kitty with silyrose

A model citizen

Styled by SilynRose Location: Oakland, CA

Model: Dontashia B
Styled by SilynRose
Location: Oakland, CA

In this age of political madness, let me start by clarifying.  No, you do not have to be a model to be a citizen. That was just my catchy way to introduce the featured model sidebar on my blog.  This blog, as you know, has been a way for me to discuss my love for fashion, my skills as a stylist, and my goal of giving helpful, and sometimes humorous advice to those of us who get dressed every day.  But, I also have a great love for photography.  Working with aspiring models often gives me a chance to combine all of my loves, and it helps them to build their portfolios.  Since I generally style models in three or four outfits during a shoot, I thought it would be great to feature the models and the outfits.  This month’s featured model is Dontashia B.  She is an Oakland native who has aspirations of modeling.  We met on a model networking website.  She was great to work with and I loved styling her.

This outfit featured here was all about color and texture. The texture of the pink shirt added depth and it was contrasted by a flowy printed skirt. I brought in the purple bag, a big purple bauble necklace and the purple earrings to pull more colors out of the skirt. The good thing about having so many colors is that it gives you so many options. I think it is why I find it so strange when people shy away from color – especially when they gravitate only toward black. (Remember there is nothing wrong with black if it is done on purpose – see blog post – If you must wear black – from 2014
Anyhow this outfit screams California sunshine. It is fitting that she is next to a classic car too. What a perfect backdrop. dontashiab
Let me know your thoughts.

Silynrose to the occasion


YSCDC-FashionShowThis past weekend, SilynRose interns represented the blog at the 3rd Reach for the Stars Fashion Show benefiting children with autism.  The event, held in Vallejo, California, sought to educate the community about autism and caring for children with special needs.  The event included speeches on various topics, vending booths, and a fashion show featuring children with special needs and their peers modeling the latest fashions.


Silynrose interns

Silynrose raffled off two prizes: 1) Kate Spade ziparound wallet 2) a 1-hour, 2-outfit fashion/photo shoot.  The winners are in the photos below. We’re always up for an occasion to do good; thanks for allowing us being a part of this @YSCDC.


Winner of the Kate Spade ziparound wallet

Winner of the Kate Spade ziparound wallet

Winner of the styling session and photo shoot

Winner of the styling session and photo shoot

Fashion Resolution 2016

By the third week of January people have both made and broken New Year’s resolutions. Knowing this, I set a simple one – to be better at the end of 2016 than I was at the beginning, and I would like to wear lipstick more often.  But, how does one make a fashion resolution? I think it has to do with you paying attention to the things you have done out of the ordinary that you have felt good about.  I chose wearing lipstick more often because I actually like how I look and feel when I have on lipstick. So, what have you done unexpectedly or by accident that you think – hey this  may work.  Perhaps it was wearing a super high stiletto that made you feel 10 feet tall and walk with a renewed sense of purpose.  Or, maybe it was wearing a strapless dress and realizing you have nice shoulders and a beautiful décolleté. I didn’t want to write about losing weight, which so many women resolve to do.  Instead think about wanting to show your legs more – knowing you want to do this, you may tone them up some. But, losing weight should not consume your fashion resolution.

Coco Chanel once quipped, “I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little–if only out of politeness.”  Well, I actually get the feeling she was dead serious. But it leads me to also suggest that for some of us, we know we have been neglecting ourselves and we should commit to just ‘fixing ourselves up a little.”  For most of us, that is resolution enough. I would love to hear your fashion resolutions.


Black Shoppers Don’t Matter – My Experience with Bergdorf’s and Black Invisibility

Black Shoppers Don’t Matter – My Experience with Bergdorf’s and Black Invisibility

image Nothing kills a shoe shopping buzz like racism. Now, I think we can all agree that up until now I have done a rather good job of keeping my theories about race and class oppression separate from my theories about how to get the best deal on clothes. Yet, it was only a matter of time before my knowledge of both intersected in a blog post. My next post was supposed to be about sequins and holiday fashion. Unfortunately, my experience at Bergdorf Goodman’s begged a blog post to address how even in a place where beautiful shoes and Chanel handbags reign supreme, racism persists.

I had gone to Bergdorf’s as part of what has become a ritual. I, like most visitors, ohh and ahhh at the legendary window displays and the fabulous items inside. I was thrilled that they were having a sale of up to 50% off in the shoe salon on the second floor. I perused the items earlier this week and had determined to go back on Christmas Eve. Today, I went in and saw hordes of shoe lovers vying for deals on shoes. I had my eyes on a pair of Christian Louboutins that were about 40% off. I grabbed the shoe that I wanted asked one of the shoe stockers for a mate. I was told I needed to see an associate. However, in associate land, those very associates asking patrons if they needed assistance passed me time and time again. I was finally given an uncomfortable smile by a man who I’d later ask for help. He brought me the shoe and in the middle of asking me how it fit, a white woman interrupted (sans an “excuse me”) and began asking questions about her shoe needs. He immediately engaged her. In academia, scholars have termed this Black invisibility. It is the privilege of the dominant white culture to believe their inquiries and needs supersede anyone else’s. The ideal thing would have been for the male associate to say, I’m sorry, I am helping this young lady… When he did return his attention to me, I said one of the shoes is too small. Fearing that I may not purchase anything, he left the shoe and while walking away he said, “well let us know what you want to do.”

You may argue that that is not racism, it is rudeness. Unfortunately rudeness is embedded in racism in many instances. But to witness the courtesy with which the associates engaged with other patrons who did not happen to be Black like me, one can only assume that anti-black racism was at work.

Some would argue that the associates are like that with everyone, and that you have to be aggressive and flag them down. That general assessment however dismisses the knowledge that the most effective racism is the kind that morphs to seem invisible – See Bonilla-Silva’s work Racism without Racists. Then pose that argument.
Additionally, those who explain away racist experiences as minor or trivial are themselves practicing microaggressive behavior (See Sue’s work). And Coleman Young addresses such dismissive microaggressions – “the victim of racism is in a much better position to tell you whether or not you’re a racist than you are.”

We know that spaces have racial attachments – there are certainly places that go out of their way to make people of color feel that they don’t belong. Usually, I deal with those quite well, but today, Christmas Eve, I just wanted the wonderful experience of buying Christian Louboutins. I could have done without the racism.

Dressing for the Holidays – Use Common Sense first

Dressing for Holiday Parties (Part 1) – Use Common Sense

Of course I have my own ideas about holiday party apparel, but in preparation for a forthcoming blog post, I read a few articles in magazines and on Twitter to see what other fashion bloggers and writers were posting. Now, if you’ve ever watched shows like Fashion Police, or even more recently Fashionably Late with Rachel Zoe, you already know that fashion is in the eye of the beholder. There are a few universal things that we agree are fabulous or horrible, but for the most part fashion is subjective and very much contingent upon people’s individual tastes – mine included. In fact while shopping with my older and younger sisters over the Thanksgiving holiday, I saw a very cute pale pink knit shawl with fringe on the bottom, but after showing it to my sisters, their visceral reactions made me hesisitant. Even though I joked around and told them that they don’t know anything about fashion, when my little sister likened the shawl to something Vicki Lawrence from Mama’s Family would wear, I caved.

photo credit: Google images. Any item of clothing that conjures up Mama's Family is surely problematic

photo credit: Google images.
Any item of clothing that conjures up Mama’s Family is surely problematic

Turning to holiday dress and holiday fashion advice, I want to caution my readers not to be so swayed by opinions whether it is fashion advice given by high profile magazines or famous bloggers or someone on the street. Instead, use common sense first and foremost. I say this because of what I read in one of the articles in Marie Claire on Twitter from a few months ago. I thought it may be relevant. It focused on how to be the “coolest” girl in the room. It listed 6 things 2 of which I disagreed and 1 of which I vehemently disagreed.
Mess it up on purpose photo... What would fashion police say?

Mess it up on purpose photo… What would fashion police say?

Look at this picture screen shot from Twitter. The advice was – Mess it up on purpose. Huh?! Look at that outfit. Those pants – flood like that on purpose? Tap on the photo so you can get a closer look; they are not even capri, or ankle pants. That is horrible – and you don’t have to have a degree in fashion design or merchandising or anything to make that assessment. Frankly, it’s a shame.
You could get beaten up for wearing stuff like that in grade school. And, as we get into our 40’s I think showing up anywhere and especially at a party dressed like this would cause people to question our sanity, or senility at the very least. For me, the explanation that followed the picture did not provide a good rationale for the style to take it seriously. It reminded me to be okay with my own opinion – and to remind my readers to take all that you read about holiday dress and fashion in general with a grain of salt. As my mother used to say, common sense goes a long way. Thoughts? Comments?

Extreme Booting

Fall has been here for a month and a half, but since New York imagehas been having one of its mildest Novembers on record, there hasn’t been much of a chance to wear boots. In preparation for the fall, though, magazines have featured the season’s newest boots. What is interesting about boots is they don’t change much. They go from curve toe, to pointy, over the thigh to below the knee and everywhere in between. I have a pair of leather boots from the 1970’s that work just fine in 2015 and there is a pair of pointy toe boots that I purchased in 2003 that are still fabulous. But, every once in a while there is an extreme boot – a far out color or design. These faux fur boots to the left are a pair of my favorites…My cousin, however, commented I look like I have two cats wrapped around my ankles. YIKES SMH.

The question is how do you incorporate an extreme boot into your daily look.
The key is to make the boot the statement piece.

These multi-tiered Manolo Degenerada boots do a lot by themselves, and I didn’t want to match any of the colors is in the boots in the outfit. So instead, I went with white jeans and a white button down shirt. Why all white you ask…Well all white is chic. And disregard the white after Labor Day rule. When you are able to pull off all white in the fall, you’re making a statement. I didn’t want to do anything to dark because I thought the boots would get lost. This way they are focal.

Manolo Blahnik Degenerada Boots

Manolo Blahnik Degenerada Boots

These are the “cat wrap boots” my cousin teased me about. The last time I wore these with a brown skirt, but here I have them paired with a peach colored DKNY pleated skirt and very sleek satiny blouse. The brown belt brings the boots in nicely.IMG_1812

Club Monaco Blazer, Marc Jacobs boots and vintage Woody Woodpecker t-shirt

Club Monaco Blazer, Marc Jacobs boots and vintage Woody Woodpecker t-shirt

These last boots only fall into the extreme category because of the color. They are light sage green. I saw them years ago at a store in Vallejo,California and fell for the unique color. The inside is a cool blue color, but they aren’t soft enough to fold over so no one gets to see but me. Surprisingly enough, I had this Woody Woodpecker shirt – purchased at a different time. When I wear the boots, I make everything else casual and fun. The black Club Monaco blazer makes the outfit a little less casual – you could actually feel comfortable going out to happy hour in this.
I know we only have a few more weeks to sport boots with no inhibitions here on the east coast…sadly in a month or so, we will probably be wearing UGGs everyday . So, I implore you to go all out—go extreme booting 😉