Caught Being Fabulous – Lynn Dell

The Lovely Lynn displaying an autographed copy of  Advanced Style. Love her!

The Lovely Lynn displaying an autographed copy of Advanced Style. Love her!

If you know anything about the Advanced Style phenomenon and the book by Ari Seth Cohen, then you probably already know who Lynn is. If not, take a moment and google it. I’ll wait…

Now usually I just let the fashion winds blow and I eventually run into someone who is “Caught Being Fabulous,” but today I went out seeking her. I recently saw the documentary Advanced Style on Netflix, which prompted me to buy the book and go find Lynn Dell, the 81 year-old fashionista and owner of the Off Broadway Boutique which she has owned for 53 years.

The documentary is a wonderful account of stylish older women who are so confident in themselves that they exude beauty and life. It is inspired by Ari Seth Cohen and his blog that captures “advanced style”. There is something about the whole movement that is enthralling.

I consider myself, now 42, having just now truly come to embrace my love for fashion. I felt like I was a little late to the party, but lovely ladies like Lynn easily dispel such a myth.

Why this outfit works, it is certainly not hard to see. It is first the confidence, then it is the carefree way in which Lynn accessorizes. The color is brown from head to toe (brown over the knee leather boots, a brown sweater, cinched a the waist, and a brown hat that is pimped out beret with tracks, and glorious gold accessories. I know I pale in comparison to her in the picture below, but I still wanted to take one with her. Her employee Pat, who has worked at the boutique for 31 years, told me that I should have worn red lipstick. LoL. Older women if nothing if not brutally honest.

Lynn and I talked and she told me, like Betty Halbreich had, not to quit my day job and to do fashion on the side. I found that funny. Lynn confided that she had wished to meet Betty and was quite surprised when I shared that I had just gone into Bergdorf to the Solutions Department and found Betty. For this reason (my courage and zeal) Lynn told me that I’d go far.
She told me that she is on stage when she goes to work, and her inscription in my book read: Lynette Darling, Remember always dress for the theater of your life—
And so I shall…

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