How to look fashionable in Freezing weather – Better late…

I started writing this post in January, but this is a tough topic and I suppose it wouldn’t have been helpful to say I don’t know.

What I can say with all honesty is that I have not completely mastered this. Case in point: One Sunday in January, I went to an 8:00am church service and while hell didn’t f freeze over, the streets of Harlem certainly did. By the time I got out, the city streets were glazed over with thin layers of black ice. People were walking very slowly. I held on to security gate bars as I made my way down the street and turned to find one of the fallen churchgoers being helped up off the ground. I was thinking oh no – I can’t fall; I’m in my pointy toe Gucci boots and my fur coat.

Thankfully, I didn’t eat pavement, but the experience did make me long ever so much for my UGG boots, and beg the question – So, how does one dress fashionably in the winter? especially when the winter is long and brutal as it has been for me in New York and my sister in Illinois.
I find that a few things must be taken into consideration. First decide whether you are going to focus on the arrival at the destination, the travel time, or both.

When I am going out to shop or window shop like I do often, the focus is the traveling, being outdoors. In such a case, I need a coat that is chic and stylish. Light blue leather, yellow vintage coat with a black belt, or Black textured swing coat. I feel great in all three. I layer heavily underneath and wear leggings or opaque stockings under almost every garment. But since the winter is generally a sea of people in Blacks and grays, I enjoy being in a bright color. In fact I have a co-work who wears a beautiful violet colored coat for this very reason (shout out to Dandelion).

If, however, the focus is on the destination there are a few other considerations. If you are going out to dinner or to work it is likely you will have a place to check your coat, and your scarf, and your boots. This means what is underneath the coat should be fabulous. It also means that when the destination is the key, you need to have a cute tote to carry auxiliary pieces. You need your heavy ugg or hunter boots to get through the ice, sleet and snow. In your bag should be the pointy-toe pumps or whatever cute shoe you choose. — That’s all I have for now, so if you’ve figured it out, by all means chime in.

In the above picture I am wearing a vintage I.Magnin & Co coat with a mink collar; a pair of fuschia leather gloves (purchased from Loehmanns in Riverdale); a pair of pointy-toe Gucci boots purchased at Crossroads Trading Co. in Rockridge, Oakland California; a structured leather handbag; and a pair of beige Coach shades.

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