There is a saying that you may have heard, “May your life be as happy as your Facebook posts make it seem.” I have recently realized that my clothes appear to be living a happy life without me. How did I come to realize this you ask, well let me tell you. As you may know, I often do photoshoots for Instagram to highlight my styling and photography. Last weekend I had a photoshoot scheduled but the model flaked the morning of the shoot.  As I looked at the clothing, shoes, and accessories that I had pulled, I realized that these three outfits had never actually been worn by me.  And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that most of the items I have pulled from my closet for shoots have not yet been worn by me.

Models styled in items from my closet.

The first and sometimes only use of some of the outfits tends to be by some young twenty or thirty something model who happens to be my same size.  I often scout locations for the shoots and capture my clothing in ways that make them seem like they are having a fabulous life.  And indeed some of them do.  Items that I have shot from my closet have passed right through my hands to Poshmark or Ebay.  And for some of the items, the buyer shared with me the purpose of the clothing purchase.  One dress was reportedly heading for the govenor’s ball in Washington. Another dress served as the wedding dress for a lady who got married in Las Vegas.  This woman thanked me profusely and sent me photos of her wedding day. Other clothing of mine have strolled that the streets of New York headed to some place fabulous if you judge by the pictures.

The same day that I had the epiphany about my clothing, I had an event to go to.  My outfit was pretty much a no-brainer. I pulled a blazer, a necklace,  velvet body suit, and a pair of metallic Giuseppe pumps off of my model rack. As soon as I got inside, two women complimented me on the necklace.  So, I will add this to my 2019 resolution.  I have to live the life my of clothing .

Living the Life of My Clothes
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