I want to rewind a bit before I jump too deeply into my 2019 posts.  I left off in 2018 asking you to stay tuned about my New Year’s Eve plans.  Well, I had finally established that I would attend the small Decades Dance party in Vallejo – my current home city.  The party was set to start at 8pm and go a little past midnight.  I was planning to begin getting ready at around 6pm.  This would have given me ample time.  At about 4:45, my brother and I noticed the power was out.  I got a message from PG&E indicating that power was expected to be restored by 5:30. That did not happen. At 5:30, my side of the street was completely dark, but to add insult to injury, the blackout seemed to stop on my half of the street. I could see the glow of televisions and Christmas lights right across the street.  From my street and to the rear of me a shroud of darkness lay and would be there until 9:30, by which time I was totally out of the party mood. My sister had called because she’d seen on the news that 5,000 customers in Vallejo were in the dark.  “Yes, I was among them,” I told her.  My outfit was ready to go, but the city wasn’t quite ready for me.

Check out the story https://patch.com/california/benicia/pg-e-equipment-failure-may-have-caused-vallejo-power-outage

New Year’s Eve 2019 – What had happened…

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