Diana Vreeland once said “A new dress doesn’t get you anywhere, it’s the life you’re living in the dress.”   Makes you think right?

I have been keeping an eye out for my New Year’s Eve outfit – a fabulous dress with sparkle and shine.  But, the problem is, I don’t actually know where I am going yet.  Weeks ago I wrote about getting your holiday plans in order, but sadly I haven’t taken my own advice.  I have a flyer for an event in Oakland which boasts of being one of the best New Year’s Eve parties of  the Bay, but somehow I hadn’t been driven to purchase the ticket.

When I watched, “The Eye has to Travel,” I found myself struck by the words of Diana Vreeland, I realize that I have to get myself together…I vow to have a place to celebrate by next Friday.Stay tuned.

Plans for New Year’s Eve – figure out where you’re going.

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