I know many ladies that are very uncertain about their clothing choices.  They are easily swayed not to purchase  an item. I also have friends who are very certain about their bodies and their best clothing options. Today while strolling through my favorite secondhand store, I stopped at the necklaces.  I asked to see a red frilly necklace with shells inlaid.  It was $4.00.  I have said before that secondhand stores are great places to pick up accessories.  The young man had a troubled expression and a smirk. So I asked him, “what’s the smirk about?”

“Nothing,” he insisted.  “No, its something I said.  Is it my necklace choice?” He response was, “I just can’t imagine what anyone would do with it.”For me the obvious thing anyone would do would be to wear it.  But I said, “Really? – well I am going to use this necklace and I will take a picture so you can see.”

He said, “okay.”

But that encounter got me to thinking. Some people have no vision for the things you may like. Don’t let them deter you. It is often when you wear something and sport it with confidence that people are able to see the potential of the item. Don’t let people’s lack of vision dissuade you from buying something that you know will look great. If you do, your wardrobe and your style might suffer.

Where there is no vision, your wardrobe might suffer

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