I have often advised clients to buy what they like.  Most of the hesitation comes when they remember that they currently have nothing to match the item of clothing they are considering purchasing.  But that is just it. If you never buy an item, you can’t possibly have something to match it later.

I am often struck when an outfit emerges out of pieces that I bought separately and often years apart.  When getting complimented on outfit, I often find myself telling the observer – Oh I got the shoes in New York and the shirt at a thrift store in California, and the scarf on a trip to Florida while at a conference. It’s probably more than they want to know, but I feel so thrilled about my accomplishment I overshare.

When you buy things you like, you can easily pull things together that “go” well.

When you buy pieces you like, the outfit comes together.

An prime example here is my sister, who I styled in some of my clothing for a fashion event in San Francisco.  I had been having this BCBG satin jacket with pink and orange lining for years.  I bought these embroidered boots from Rainbow in Vallejo, CA last year.  Who could have imagined that the pieces would complement each other so well?  The answer to that question is, well, me.  I mean on a deeper level, I know that items I buy go together because they are items I  like. I  bought the items because they were things I found stylish and very much items that I could see on my body.

This is just to say that you must buy things that you like, doing so is the best way to ensure that your style will come together.

Your Style Will Come Together

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