Coats for Apple shapes Part 2

A structured princess coat pulls in the midsection, but has fabric that floats away creating feminine hips. The beige and dark brown ones pictured above are long, but they also come knee length which is best if you are short.
An A-lined swing coat has a vintage feel. Now the pink and green Erdem one pictured above has the great effect of floating away from the troubled area. Imagine it in red and white if you must ;-).

Another coat that works well is the wrap coat with or with out belt. There is a burgundy Gucci one picture with a belt, and a beige, black and with that is lose without the belt.
The detail on the collar draws attention away from the midsection but also helps to give shape.
The woman at Gucci also suggested that investment in a structured trench coat that is cinched at the waist helps to create an hour glass illusion.

These coats at Bergdorf all ranged in price with some being between $2600 – $3500. While this is well out of most of our price ranges, it does give a sense of what is out there.

Even with the suggestions presented here, what is most important is that you try on different coats. Even if you know you will wear a princess coat, you have to choose the color, pattern, and texture that match your style.
Hope this helps. Let me know your thoughts.

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