What do I wear with these shoes?

So, we’ve received our first inquiry from Dandelion. Let me start by saying the shoes are fab-u-lous! And it is very fitting as we make our way into spring.

But what do I wear? I imagine a few looks. A structured pencil skirt and a lighter fabric shirt. A nice structured sun dress (like the one pictured below) with a bold floppy hat and large shades. I pulled these images from Harper’s Bazaar. – Note – it is very important to subscribe at least one fashion magazine.

From my own closet…
I would wear some nicely worn jeans and this blue satin tuxedo blazer and these shades with mirror lens to pick up the silver in the shoe, and a structured handbag (not a shoulder bag). I would roll the jeans up a little above the ankle, because yes, these shoes need to be seen.


How would you wear these shoes?

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