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You’ve heard of Bag, Borrow, Steal and Rent the Runway right?  These two online clothing platforms allow customers to rent high-end and luxury items for a fraction of the cost.  People rent for months at a time or for weeks.  Some people rent items for special occasions while other do so as a way to “fake it ‘til they make it.”  One of the comments I read in the reviews is that sometimes you feel so much pressure to not damage the item you’ve borrowed that you have less enjoyment borrowing.  Enter SilynRose – Luxury Share.

I am loaning out items for very reasonable costs.  None of the bags are brand new, but some of newer than others. Items are previously loved and show some wear, but they are fun.  Unlike, these other businesses, I am only renting to friends and family and renting by recommendation.  There will be no more than 3 degrees of separation with my clientele.

To get started, click on the $10 handbags, $20 handbags, $40 handbags, or the $75 handbags.

Note – Most bags have a $12 shipping/delivery charge.
Eventually, I will charge a $15 insurance coverage charged on the bags. I would like to know what you all think about this for this first month. I will offer $5 of your next rental if you upload pictures of you with whichever bag you rent. This will allow me to build my gallery. Although the bags say buy now – this is really a rental platform. You will be expected return the bag at the end of your 30-day rental. For locals, you can arrange for me to pick it up.