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Does this Dress Make Me Look Fat?

Does this dress make me look fat?

Undoubtedly, we have all asked this question at one point or another in our lives. (Yes, even small women ask themselves this question. Hang around a dressing room in a department store long enough and you will hear it.)
The question is an out spring of our country’s fixation on being thin – often spearheaded by the media. But looking in the mirror at our bodies and asking ourselves if we look fat or asking a significant other (who must always be scared to death by the question) is problematic. Let me explain.

Does this dress or these pants or this skirt make me look fat is the wrong question to ask. Obesity (which we often hear referred to simply as being fat) is a health issue, and for some an emotional issue. So maybe a better question to ask is – Does this dress make me look unhealthy?
I am sure some of you may disagree here, but hear me out.
I think if you look at yourself and say does this make me look unhealthy, the question becomes deeper than the vanity aspect of dressing. It begins to help you get to some of the core issues you may have. It helps you to see aspects of your life that you need to address rather than simply seeking different dress to put on. I think it is time to reframe this question. Thoughts?