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Caught Being – Uh Stank?

Larisha3-22-09 112 Model:Larisha Photo/Stylist: SilynRose

One category that I had conceptualized as part of my blog is called “Caught Being Fabulous.” In this section I am to catalogue every day women who look fabulous, and explain what in particular works well about their outfits. There are a few reasons why after two months I hadn’t yet blogged in that category. First, I needed to get a small hand-held camera that I could keep in my purse. Second, I needed to have business cards to hand out to the luck-fashionista. Third, I needed to do the work of being out and finding the women to feature.

Well, I got the camera in January, and my business cards came in this past week. Today, I went out in to Manhattan – what better place to find fierce fashion – right? Oddly enough, the problem wasn’t that I didn’t see anybody who looked great; the problem was the unapproachable attitudes these women held. The scowls, the coldness, and I guess the fear that I may actually ask someone for directions or something was enough to make most women turn away.

This made me think about the things that really make an outfit work. We have heard time and time again that a woman must be confident, but today I thought maybe women should also crack a smile every once in a while. I guess I have been guilty of this myself because I have heard men who I passed on the street say things like “smile, it ain’t that bad” or “why are you looking so mean.” So, I am not sure if these women knew that they were emitting such negative vibes and giving such “stank” looks, but I can say that an outfit can not do its job properly if the person wearing it looks so angry.

Take a look at the photo above. This is a woman who looks happy to be in a stylish outfit. No one in Manhattan looked like this today.

While LL (Cool J) may like a Fendi bag and a bad attitude, I’d have to say that is a waste of designer bag. Fendi certainly doesn’t want its product represented by someone who has a nasty attitude – it would cheapen the brand. Part of being fabulous (and fabulously dressed), I would have to say is being welcoming enough to actually receive the compliment.