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Christian Louboutin: Sole-Shaming

Photo/styling shoot in NYC in Louboutins

Photo/styling shoot in NYC in Louboutins

I shot this picture during a styling/photoshoot a few years back. I remember one of the comments that I got from a dear friend. “Her soles are scuffed.”
It seems like a strange comment, but not for Louboutins; in fact it was quite true. I made a note of it and sought quickly to unload the “damaged goods” via Tradesy before they lost too much of their value. I mean the shoe is the sole right? – well partially at least. This brings me to another Louboutin sole-shaming issue. I have watched youtubers post about having their soles reinforced with rubber. I have a pair myself, but sometimes it feels inauthentic. Why should it? It must be that Louboutins by any other sole is not as sweet – to sort of quote Shakespeare.

A friend of the family was at a fundraiser and Christian Louboutin was there. The friend shared on Facebook that fundraiser attendees took pictures proudly displaying the coveted red-bottoms. However, I imagine I would have felt somewhat embarrassed to show the well-worn red and the reinforced rubber replacement. That imagined embarrassment is what motivated this post.

I have been guarding my marble Pigalle Follies pumps. I bought them for myself for Christmas in 2015 – purchased in the lovely shoe salon at Bergdorf’s. This was the ultimate gift to myself, but I had been so petrified of the scuffed soles that I have only worn them once. That is ludicrous. It is akin to the good old days when people would cover their couches with plastic never allowing themselves to fully enjoy the beauty of the fabric.
So, this past Sunday, I took my Louboutins off the shelf, out of the box, out of the tissue, and out of the dust bag. I wore them to church. I walked across the street in them. I didn’t put on the flip flops. I just walked in them. Sole to concrete risking a scuff with every step I took.
I wore the shoes and yes I know the sole will wear off eventually (after all it is the sole – that’s what it does). I’m fine with that. What a stupid realization to have to finally come to.

Accessorize your accessories- Part I Handbags

My grandmother had quite a purse selection and she would change her bags to match her shoes especially when she was going out.   Not many women change their bags to match their shoes now-a-days. Most women have a few bags and often have what is called their “every day” bag.  But what happens when your every day bag starts to get a little boring? There are ways to  add style and fun – accessorize your handbag.

  1. The scarf
This Oscar de la Renta scarf matches perfectly with this Pour la Victoire overize bag. A match made in accessory heaven.

This Oscar de la Renta scarf matches perfectly with this Pour la Victoire oversize bag. A match made in accessory heaven.

The scarf is a very versatile accessory.  A cute brightly colored scarf can jazz up an every day bag and pull an outfit together.  The colors in the scarf can pull in the shoes or the earrings or even a head band to make your total look cohesive. A cute scarf tied on one or both of the straps can be very eye catching. Also, for handbags that have very darkly patina handles, wrapping them with a scarf is a great way to hide the darkened handles.

Many times leather handles darken because of the oils in the hands. Use a scarf to mask this little problem.

Many times leather handles darken because of the oils in the hands. Use a scarf to mask this little problem.

I heard a sales woman at the Louis Vuitton on 5th Ave explaining how scarves are a great way of protecting the handles. We needn’t pay hundreds of dollars for the scarf though. You can find great scarves at places like Target, Macy’s and of course your local thrift store where they are often sold in a bundle for a few bucks.

Wind all the way to the edge or let a little remain like you see here

Wind all the way to the edge or let a little remain like you see here

A word of caution with accessorizing your bag with a scarf, however.  The scarf must be proportional.  Don’t overwhelm a small bag with a large scarf or a large bag with a small scarf. The former gets lost, and the latter just looks silly.  See below the wrong and right size (unless oversize if what you’re going for…)



Wrong. This scarf is too large and it overwhelms the bag.

Wrong. This scarf is too large and it overwhelms the bag.


Just right.

Just right












2. The Puff Accessory

Fendi’s Monster purse accessories costs over $800.  Some versions top $1000, but a furry little puff of color doesn’t have to break the bank. Along 125th in Harlem for example these little key chain puffs can be bought for $2 and the larger ones for $4.  It’s about adding a little extra pizzazz – color and fun.









3. The Bling

These little keychains are great for adding sparkle.IMG_3515 They catch the sun and literally shine bright like a diamond. The charms just demonstrate that you are a girly girl who likes girly things.  I know this is not for everyone, but it’s a nice option for adding a little fun to an everyday bag.


Many of you having a bag is good enough, accessorizing your handbag on occasion, however, is just fun and after all, fashion is about having fun.


Caught Being Fabulous – Lynn Dell

The Lovely Lynn displaying an autographed copy of  Advanced Style. Love her!

The Lovely Lynn displaying an autographed copy of Advanced Style. Love her!

If you know anything about the Advanced Style phenomenon and the book by Ari Seth Cohen, then you probably already know who Lynn is. If not, take a moment and google it. I’ll wait…

Now usually I just let the fashion winds blow and I eventually run into someone who is “Caught Being Fabulous,” but today I went out seeking her. I recently saw the documentary Advanced Style on Netflix, which prompted me to buy the book and go find Lynn Dell, the 81 year-old fashionista and owner of the Off Broadway Boutique which she has owned for 53 years.

The documentary is a wonderful account of stylish older women who are so confident in themselves that they exude beauty and life. It is inspired by Ari Seth Cohen and his blog that captures “advanced style”. There is something about the whole movement that is enthralling.

I consider myself, now 42, having just now truly come to embrace my love for fashion. I felt like I was a little late to the party, but lovely ladies like Lynn easily dispel such a myth.

Why this outfit works, it is certainly not hard to see. It is first the confidence, then it is the carefree way in which Lynn accessorizes. The color is brown from head to toe (brown over the knee leather boots, a brown sweater, cinched a the waist, and a brown hat that is pimped out beret with tracks, and glorious gold accessories. I know I pale in comparison to her in the picture below, but I still wanted to take one with her. Her employee Pat, who has worked at the boutique for 31 years, told me that I should have worn red lipstick. LoL. Older women if nothing if not brutally honest.

Lynn and I talked and she told me, like Betty Halbreich had, not to quit my day job and to do fashion on the side. I found that funny. Lynn confided that she had wished to meet Betty and was quite surprised when I shared that I had just gone into Bergdorf to the Solutions Department and found Betty. For this reason (my courage and zeal) Lynn told me that I’d go far.
She told me that she is on stage when she goes to work, and her inscription in my book read: Lynette Darling, Remember always dress for the theater of your life—
And so I shall…

In Full Effect – At the 92nd Street Y!

Silynrose heading to the 92nd street Y

Silynrose heading to the 92nd street Y

If you’ve been paying attention to the fashion magazines and what’s in the store you already know that there is a reemergence of circle skirts and 1950’s full skirt dresses. Now, I am a huge fan of vintage, and I think the wiggle dresses, the Jackie O type skirt suits (especially Butte or wool knit) and full skirt dresses are my favorite. Let me tell you why you should have one of the full skirt dresses as part of your closet.

1) There is something extremely dainty and ladylike about it.
2) The style is one that is a win-win on the female body. If you are very hippy (and do not particularly find that one of your best features) the skirt actually camouflages the hips. Because the dress accentuates the waist (the smallest part) it flares away to create the hourglass shape. And for those of you who have no hips, this same flare gives the illusion that you have hips.

But, as I was cautioned by a very wise, body conscious friend, these skirts are more difficult to pull off if you have a boxy midsection. In that case, you need to invest in a bolero that maybe puffs a bit on the shoulder to provide the illusion. A bolero of this sort will balance you and allow the full skirt to flatter. Think “Loco” in the movie How to Marry a Millionaire, one of my fashion favorite movies.

In the picture featured below, I am wearing a full skirt dress. It is quilted and fabulous. I wore it to the 92nd Street Y to see the Fern Malis talk with fashion icon Valentino. It was great. I felt awesome in the outfit and as soon as I entered the event, I was asked to take a picture on the red carpet, which was posted on the website. The picture doesn’t do the dress as much justice, I think because I have on my red leather jacket. But that point notwithstanding, consider the perks of the dress.
And while you are out shopping this holiday season, do yourself a favor and try on one of these skirts. You may be surprised.IMG_20141121_201625