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Black Panther-The Beauty of African Clothing

Photo shoot from 2017. I was emphasizing color and texture using this African print shirt and the necklace – Model: Cynthia

Since the opening of Black Panther, the blockbuster Afrofuturistic Marvel movie set in Wakanda, the sales of African clothing and jewelry have skyrocketed. Not since Coming to America have we seen the impact of African garb on Black American culture. Reports of the effects of the characters’ outfits is far more than anyone could have imagined. The mind behind those outfits is costume designer Ruth E Carter, Oscar nominated designer. Carter has been interviewed over and over again about her inspiration for the clothing. One of her main comments has been that she did to want people to think of the outfits as costumes. She wanted movie goers to think of the outfits as what the people in Wakanda would actually wear in day-to-day life. She also knew that she wanted to make a statement about the beauty of African culture.
While in Atlanta this weekend, I overheard a women explaining how people she knew were dressing up in African clothing to go to the see movie almost in an effort to be one with the cast, she noted that she, however, had been wearing the clothing as part of her everyday life.
I think it is wonderful that African-American people have come to embrace African clothing as a result of this movie, but I am also a little saddened that it took the popularity of the movie to bring the beauty of the clothing to the fore. I do hope that we continue to embrace Black beauty and culture far beyond the movie hype.

She get it from her Mama…But she probably shouldn’t

Two words. Mom Jeans.
My sister and I have been on a serious search for jeans. Somehow with our ever expanding midsections, the fight to avoid the muffin top has become quite serious. An easy solution would be the mom jeans with high waist that would allow our stomachs to rest comfortably. But, we have come to realize that comfort may need to be sacrificed. The perfect jeans when you’re over 40 need to do work. They cannot go gently into that good night…They need to lift and cradle the butt, contain and flatten the stomach, and snuggly fit the legs without evoking images of Italian sausages. Seems like a lot to ask, but I think they are out there. And, with the impending cold weather, a good pair of jeans is a must. Go out, find a nice pair of fitted skinny jeans, and a pair of straight leg dark washed jeans – both of which should do some work to make you assets look as good as possible.

The holiday time is a great time to find bargains too. One of my favorite pair of jeans actually comes from New York & Company. I think we know enough not to try to wear jeans for juniors – hence the success of Not Your Daughter’s Jean. But, as we shop must fight any urge to allow ourselves to succumb to the hideousness of Mom Jeans. Happy holiday shopping – I would love to hear about your jean purchases.

Accessorizing Your Accessories – Part 2 Shoes!


Not many of us can boast of a Kardashian  shoe collection.  I personally don’t have the money or the space to truly indulge my love for shoes in that way.  But in keeping with my thoughts about adding options to the items you have, I want to talk more about accessorizing your accessories.  Not long ago I wrote about different ways to jazz up your every day bag (see

To the untrained eye this may seem like just a row of shoes. But what I see here is opportunity.

To the untrained eye this may seem like just a row of shoes. But what I see here is opportunity.

Now it’s on to shoes.  Shoes are crucial to making an outfit look great. I am a huge fan of  pumps (especially pointy toe ones) and have them in multiple colors.

They can be great in their simple form. Check these out. A pair of Steve Madden suede green pumps, a pair of INC Concept pumps, a pair of black Miu Miu pumps, and two pairs of Aldo Stessy pumps, which are quickly becoming my favorites. (I even wrote a review on the Aldo site and asked them to please make the Stessy in orange. We’ll see what happens.)  A nice variety wouldn’t you say?

They look fine enough by themselves, but here’s where the accessorizing comes in. Shoe clips.  That’s right.  Grandma had it right.

Take a closer look. These are the same shoes adorned with shoe clips. Shoe clips are fairly inexpensive. I purchased a pair of four for $11.99 on Ebay

Take a closer look. These are the same shoes adorned with shoe clips. Shoe clips are fairly inexpensive. I purchased a pair of four for $11.99 on Ebay.

These little clips have the potential to add even more variety to your closet. I have added a shoe clip to each of these to give you a sense of how it works.

Below I have taken a closer shot and you can see where I have actually put the shoe clip on the side; they don’t have to placed in the front of the shoe.

A word of caution – don’t leave the clips on the shoes after you’ve worn them. You don’t want to risk damaging the shoes at all.

These green was suede pumps are dressed up with a simple rhinestone shoe clip.

These green suede pumps are dressed up with a simple rhinestone shoe clip.

There you have it. Another great way to accessorize your accessories, and extend the shoe options in your closet.

Try a clip on the side like you see here.

Try a clip on the side like you see here.

Extravagant for New Year’s Eve – Ringing in 2016

My last post was about being cute for Christmas, but I think for New’s Eve, one should be extravagant and over the top. It is one of the few times that you can do so and the fashion world applauds it.

I am a fan of anything shimmery and shiny, particularly sequins.  Sequins draw attention because they attract light, but oddly sequins can be forgiving.  I have a few photos of variation of sequins outfits that you can consider for ringing in 2016.  One thing you want to consider, of course, is the venue you are heading to. This first outfit is a favorite. It is a colorful sequin dress that I have paired with a faux pearl choker and a velvet electric blue dress coat.  This is for going somewhere a bit more upscale.IMG_2407

The next outfit is much more edgy – an all-black sequin double breasted coat with shoes to show gorgeous legs or high boots to add a bit more vavoom .  IMG_2510 IMG_2701 IMG_2685Do wear some black shorts underneath a mini so you feel secure.  I would wear this on a date, but not when going out alone.  And, this outfit would have to be approved by my significant other.  I love the idea of showing great gams.It is also quite possible to wear sequins pants to a  New Year’s Eve event – either skinny leggings that are shown here, or loose flowy pants. Here Criscia is in skinny leggings with a brown and black jacket with faux fur embellishments.  The pants speak volumes and they are great for accenting legs and a nice posterior.  IMG_2886 IMG_2876

I know by now most of us have our outfits picked out, but if you don’t have any sequins in the outfit, try adding some in the accessories area.  Try sequin earrings or sequins embellished pumps. I suggest you ring in the new year big by bringing it in with some bling.  Be Safe and enjoy.  Happy New Year!

Here I am at the Goodwill Rescue Mission pre-New Year Event rocking a sequin skirtPic 2