My collection of shoes - they mean little, if I can't get my ankles right.

My collection of shoes – they mean little, if I can’t get my ankles right.

In the summer of 2008, I along with a team of four other North American teachers went to China to work with Chinese teachers of English for a six week stint. One day, I was talking with one of these teaching colleagues, Kathy, and she asked me a question related to her experience with Black students at the school where she taught. It was sort of like when people who aren’t Black muster up the courage to ask you some burning question about your hair. Kathy asked… why do the Black kids come to school so shiny? I actually laughed at the question because I knew immediately what she meant.
You probably do too. We don’t like being ashy – heck nobody does – and so sometimes there is an extreme precaution to avoid the distinction.

My sister and I have recently discussed that ash is another thing that begins to win the battle as we age. Perhaps our flexibility and reach prevent us from being as thorough as we once were. We become extremely susceptible to A.A. ( ashy ankles).
And, unfortunately, the cutest pair of Christian Louboutins can lose cache if the wearer is suffering from A.A.

Last week, I had on a really cute pair of pointy toe tan pumps. They did all the right things – like elongate my legs. I even received a few compliments from people. However, I got home and as I took them off to return them to my shelf, I noticed an ashy ring-around-the ankle. What’s strange is that I had certainly lotioned up before leaving the house. But, I guess I had failed to saturate a key (apparently very moisture absorbing part) – the Achilles heel area.

You, like me, have undoubtedly seen the extreme ashy ankle – they are nearly all white as if someone had doused them with baby powder. There is often a level of cracking as well.

This should not be!

As we move into colder weather, we know that it is much harder to keep moisture in. So I suggest, when moisturizing, use a mix of Johnson’s gel baby oil and a lotion. Start with the ankle ( our literal and figurative Achilles heel) and work forward and up the leg. You may decide upon another moisturizing agent, that is fine, but START with the ANKLE!!

Many of us work too hard to select the right shoes with our outfits; we cannot let our ankles sabotage our look.

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