Fall Fur event at Bloomingdale’s

Beautiful furs featured in the Maximilian fur salon in Bloomingdale's in Manhattan

Beautiful furs featured in the Maximilian fur salon in Bloomingdale’s in Manhattan

I went to the 2015 fall fur Maximilian event at Bloomingdale’s on 59th in NYC hosted by Bazaar magazine. I have never been a huge fan of fur coats because I always feel as though wearing one makes me more susceptible to attack by dog or squirrel or some furry beast – not to mention the extremists at PETA.
The furs at Maximilian, however, made me a believer. The first grey and black chinchilla fur I canoodled was so soft and plush that it is hard to do it justice with those adjectives – neither does the picture above. The price…$12,000. One of the women working there said that it’s an investment. Indeed. It is 7 months worth of rent; its more than the value of my car.
The event was catered and there was endless champagne and a refreshing cranberry basil drink.
I tried on a wonderful dark green fur that matched the velvet wedges I was wearing. The camera man for the event took a picture of me in the coat and two women told me I looked fabulous. I actually agreed. I did. The price of that green fur, $11,000. There were dyed mink, dyed curly sheep hair among other things. I fell for a white fur Love shirt. Where would I be going in it though?
I know some of the women there wear furs just because, but I still think of a fur as an event coat. It will take more than one event to change that. But I am ok with wearing furs to church or an evening out. I do remember my grandmother talking about her mink coat given to her by my grandfather. I have a little mink stole that I have yet to wear. I purchased it while Black Friday shopping with my sisters. It may just be time to pull it out of my closet. I was certainly inspired to do so.
If you have an interest in furs, you can go to any high end store, but you can also peruse the internet – Ebay and Etsy and even sites like Tradesy will have real and faux fur coats and reasonable prices. You shouldn’t have an issue buying a used fur either, after all, all furs are second-hand.

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