The Cookie Craze

I can’t recall the last time Black women were able to unite around a style icon. (I haven’t dismissed Kerry Washington, but Olivia Pope is a style figure for other women as well.) But last night I, along with my best friend, watched Cookie disrupt Lucious’ party wearing a golden rope bustier and neck piece and we both had the same visceral reaction. It was an iconic moment. Was it as big as when Michael Jackson moonwalked? Probably not, but for the first time I got the Cookie craze. I don’t purport to be a huge fan of Empire itself because the drama seems to be over the top, and I never particularly liked Terrance Howard. But, I could become a fan simply to see what Cookie will wear next. There is something ghetto fabulous and something simply fabulous about her outfits. They evoke power and strength, probably more so than class. Though she will rock a leopard print fur or a brightly colored one with gold slacks, somehow she still appropriately belongs in the board room.

What does this mean? My friend and I mused over the outfit and how we’d like the items. But where would we being going? She could hardly take meetings dressed this way and I would be remiss to conduct observation in a first grade class dressed in such an outfit. The solution – my friend may need to throw an Empire party with attendees demonstrating their best renditions of Cookie. Thoughts?

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