You thought you were just wearing a shirt

Yellow silk button down, puff set-in sleeve, with a bow-tie

Yellow silk button down, puff set-in sleeve, with a bow-tie

You thought you were wearing a shirt, or maybe a blouse if you’re fancy. But what does that really mean? As I’ve begun trying harder to understand the who, what, and why of fashion I am discovering these tidbits of information that I really like. The first was the fashion cycle – I mean who knew you clothing could be dowdy.
And what I discovered about every garment is that there are very specific names to every part of them. Yes, this was probably common knowledge decades ago when Home Economics was the elective of choice for women and most people’s clothing were handmade. This is certainly not the case now.

Yesterday I thought I was wearing a yellow blouse. But what I was really wearing was a yellow silk button-down blouse with a bowtie collar and with puffed set-in style short sleeve. I thought for a second the sleeve was a melon sleeve, but not quite.

Take a look at these neckline types, collar styles, and sleeve types. Then decide what you are wearing. Oh what I wouldn’t give to hear a friend tell me she just discovered her new shirt has set-in, Leg-o’-mutton sleeves. ☺ Click on each picture if you need to see it up close, then double click the back button. Then let us know what you are wearing.oh… I am so hoping that one of you discovers that your blouse has a jabot collar. 🙂
What type of shirt are you wearing?

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